Lusco & Fusco Nymph
  • Lusco & Fusco Nymph

Lusco & Fusco Nymph


This is the typical fishing fly for everything.

In spring, summer and autumn it is one of the nymphs I use the most.

Riversfly Fishing Flies

Lusco & Fusco Nymph

Lusco & Fusco



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Lusco & Fusco Fly Fishing Nymph by Riversfly

I usually use this nymph in rivers where high fishing pressure is typical.

Depending on the response of the fish, we increase or decrease the size of the nymph and I regularly combine it with some Perdigon such as Finn Perdigon or Rust Perdigon.

This nymph works for trout, sea trout, and graylings!

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