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Fly Fishing Leaders

The right leader and tippet material is a crucial link in fly fishing.

The tippet will help the fly turn over, be invisible to fish and strong enough to land them.

Our range includes fluorocarbon and copolymer materials perfect for trout, salmon and saltwater fly fishing.

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Color Line Nylon Pezon & Michel

Color Line Pezon & Michel is the top of the range technical nylon which will result in longer smoother casts and better detection of bites, improved line control and more direct contact with our nymphs or spanish perdigon.

Fluor Green, 5x - 0.16 mm
Fluor Green, 4x - 0.18 mm
Fluor Green, 6x - 0.14 mm
Fluor Orange, 6x - 0.14 mm
Fluor Orange, 5x - 0.16 mm
Fluor Orange, 4x - 0.18 mm
Fluor Yellow, 4x - 0.18 mm
Fluor Yellow, 6x - 0.14 mm
Fluor Yellow, 5x - 0.16 mm
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Pezon & Michel Nylon Bicolor

Pezon Michel Bicolor Nylon of excellent quality and solid colors. The most used line in nymph fishing as an indicator.100 meter spools. 0.14 mm. 1.53 kg. 0.16 mm. 2.04 kg.

Green - Yellow, 5x - 0.16 mm
Green - Yellow, 6x - 0.14 mm
Green - Yellow, 4x - 0.18 mm
Pink - White, 5x - 0.16 mm
Pink - White, 6x - 0.14 mm
Pink - White, 4x - 0.18 mm
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Super Strong Plus Tippet by Orvis

Our Superstrong Plus tippet delivers extra strength without sacrificing performance. Meet the ideal all-around freshwater leader. The knotted strength of SuperStrong™ is higher than any other nylon, meaning when that big brown chomps on your hopper, you can finish the fight without fear of breakage.

SuperStrong Plus 8X (0.003 in/1.4 LB)
SuperStrong Plus 5X (0.06 in/4.9 Lb)
SuperStrong Plus 3X (0.08 in/8.5 Lb)
SuperStrong Plus 2X (0.09 in/9.8 Lb)
SuperStrong Plus 1X (0.10 in/12.7 Lb)
SuperStrong Plus 0X (0.011 in/14.9 Lb)
SuperStrong Plus 0.013 in/20 Lb
SuperStrong Plus 0.019 in/40 Lb
SuperStrong Plus 0.023 in/50 Lb
SuperStrong Plus 0.025 in/60 Lb
SuperStrong Plus 0.027 in/65 Lb
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7.5', 0X - 0,11mm.
7.5', 2X - 0,009 mm.
7.5', 6X - 0,005 mm.
7.5', 1X - 0,10 mm.
9', 0X - 0,11mm.
9', 2X - 0,009 mm.
9', 6X - 0,005 mm.
9', 1X - 0,10 mm.
9', 3X - 0,008 mm.
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Power Strike+ Spools Tippets

Power Strike+ Tippet by Guideline Our improved Power Strike+ tippet and leader material is manufactured from the highest quality Japanese co-polymers available. They have a very good strength-to-diameter ratio and are true to the specified diameters.

5X - 0,148 mm.
6X - 0,128 mm.
7X - 0,104 mm.
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Power Strike+ Salmon Leader Guideline

These Trout leaders by Guideline are extruded to exacting standards from the highest quality available. Made to the same standards as the trout leaders, the Salmon leaders also have powerful and long enough butt sections to help them turn over large and bulky Salmon flies.

12', 0,35
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JMC Braided Leader Floating

JMC Furled Leaders make for easier casting and allow discreet, precise presentation. They can readily be fixed on the fly line, and are equipped with a micro loop to tie the tippet.

nº 1, 1,20 mt.
nº 1, 1,80 mt.
nº 2, 1,20 mt.
nº 2, 1,80 mt.
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