Tippet Rings by Kingfisher
  • Tippet Rings by Kingfisher

Tippet Rings by Kingfisher


Tippet Rings by Kingfisher are small, strong, very lightweight, and make rigging and tippet replacement fast and easy.

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Tippet Rings by Kingfisher

Tippet Rings by



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About Tippet Rings by Kingfisher

Kingfisher's Tippet Rings make it extremely easy to add droppers, and are the perfect choice for European Style Nymphing and for Indicator nymph fishing.

Just tie the tippet ring to a leader with a clinch knot, and then add the required tippet in the same way. Tapered leaders last longer with a tippet ring as the leader will not be shortened every time the angler replaces the tippet.

Fishermen that are introduced to tippet rings often initially worry about leader/fly turnover and drag, but these concerns have largely been set aside. Tippet rings turn over flies just as well as a leader with a direct line-to-line connection and drag worries, which are most likely not a concern anyway, can be resolved by placing a dab of floatant on the tippet ring to keep it riding high in the water.

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