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Dumbbell-Shaped Eyes by Veniard
  • Dumbbell-Shaped Eyes by Veniard

Nymph and Streamer Eyes by Veniard


The Veniard Nymph and Streamer Dumbbell-Shaped Eyes, were developed for saltwater flies and are excellent for Nymph Eyes and Nobbler Type Streamers.

Veniard Fly Tying

Dumbbell-Shaped Eyes by Veniard

Nymph and



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Veniard Nymph and Streamer Dumbbell-Shaped Eyes

Excellent metal dumbbell eyes for bigger Nymph patterns, Nobbler and Clouser type of streamers.

Veniard Nymph and Streamer Dumbbell-Shaped Eyes have a popular, dumbbell designed shape and are incredibly easy to work with and tie onto your fly. These give the illusion of eyes on your patterns and give a little added weight.

Nymph and Streamer Eyes by Veniard

  • Ideal for nymph and nobbler type streamer patterns
  • Popular dumbbell shape
  • Give eyes and added weight to fly
  • 25 eyes supplied per pack
  • Medium: approx 9mm
  • Large: approx 10mm
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