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Veevus Mini-Flatbraid Fly Tying Materials
  • Veevus Mini-Flatbraid Fly Tying Materials

Veevus Mini-Flatbraid Fly Tying Materials

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Veevus Mini-Flatbraid is a versatile material, which is very popular among those that ties salmon and sea trout flies.

Veevus Threads

Veevus Mini-Flatbraid Fly Tying Materials


€3.98 €5.30 Save 25%


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About Veevus Mini-Flatbraid:

Veevus Mini-Flatbraid offers subtle color options and  may be wound on as body or rib with very little added bulk, and it is a useful material for many kind of tying situations.

An exceptionally versatile woven synthetic tinsel material. With a width of approximately 3 mm it is perfectly suited for ribbing larger patterns as well as for imitating wing cases, scud backs, thorax plates and tying delicate tags and bodies on smaller flies. Hence, it is equally suitable for trout, grayling, sea trout, salmon and even saltwater flies (e.g. Gotcha).

Veevus Mini Flat Braid does not create bulk and thus makes fine ribbings and delicate bodies easy to tie. Currently available in 23 different colors with a seductive shine.

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