Clearwater Rod Series by Orvis
    • Clearwater Rod Series by Orvis
    • Clearwater Rod Series by Orvis
    • Clearwater Rod Series by Orvis

    Boxed Clearwater Outfit by Orvis


    Clearwater freshwater rods are perfect for anglers who primarily fish in freshwater.

    Orvis Fly Fishing

    Clearwater Rod Series by Orvis




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    Boxed Clearwater Outfit Fly Fishing Rods by Orvis:

    The Clearwater rods come in multiple line weights that will cover any freshwater fishing scenarios.

    Available in a variety of lengths, our Clearwater rods have you covered whether you're fishing small, freshwater creeks or wide, western trout rivers.

    The Clearwater fly rod is designed with a perfect balance of strength and precision, allowing anglers to cast heavy streamer or tiny dry flies.

    The value and versatility of our Clearwater rods make them favorites among freshwater anglers everywhere. Offered at a great price and backed by a 25-year guarantee, Clearwater rods cannot be beaten.

    Yellowstone angler Weight Rod Shootout 2020:

    The Orvis Clearwater is our best inexpensive Power rod. Orvis did a good job designing the tapers, as the medium-fast action feels just right to me. As such, the Orvis Clearwater is our favorite inexpensive Power Rod.

    It’s hard to find a lot of fault in a rod that has decent performance and costs under two hundred bucks!

    The craftsmanship is surprisingly good for the low price, and I felt the Clearwater performed better than Sage’s X and the Winston Alpha+, rods that are both at $900 or more!

    • Blanks are black chrome with white accents
    • Quick rod identifier on the blank
    • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a ceramic insert
    • Full black nickel aluminum reel seats
    • Rods with fighting butts have composite tips for durability
    • Two-handed rods have composite on the tip of the foregrip
    • Comes with gray rod tube
    • 25-Year Guarantee
    • Designed in Vermont
    • Imported

    Clearwater 3-Weight 10' Fly Rod:

    Impressive sensitivity, feel, and control are perks of the Clearwater 3-Weight 10' Fly Rod.

    The Clearwater 3-Weight 10' Fly Rod is specifically designed to enhance European nymphing tactics. Its light sensitivity and reach offer the perfect rod for maintaining contact with a multiple-fly nymphing rig.

    Given the new popularity of this technique, the Clearwater 103-4 coupled with a Tactical Nymph line is an exceptional outfit offering reduced line sag and better contact for quicker reaction to subtle takes.

    Rod outfit includes:

    Clearwater 5-Weight 8'6" Fly Rod:

    Meandering streams and big water—tackle either with the Clearwater 5-Weight 8'6" Fly Rod.

    The Clearwater 5-Weight 8'6" Fly Rod continues the legacy of this iconic length and line weight. Considered by many the perfect trout rod, for many fly anglers this was the first model purchased. The legendary Superfine Orvis Henry's Fork rod was an 8'6" 5-weight. It offers a versatile length that's at home on large or small water, a line weight that allows for the enjoyment of small trout and yet can handle large trout and light bass with ease.

    Whether you're looking for versatility, a daily driver that hangs rigged and ready on the wall, or the one and only fly rod you own, the Clearwater 865-4 fills the wallet-friendly bill.

    Rod outfit includes:

    Clearwater 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod:

    You need a solid option for the big water you prefer—the Clearwater 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod is it.

    The Clearwater 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod is a standard for western rivers and bigger eastern water. Not only does it have the length to reach out and control drifts and the power to reach far banks, but the line weight to handle big trout and light bass. Firing a big streamer up and across a big river and reaching out to mend the line and control the drift is right in this rod's wheelhouse.

    Throwing big attractors with droppers, or big hoppers in the early fall is the perfect task for this rod. If big water and big flies are called for, then the Clearwater 905-4 is the weapon of choice at a price that will keep a lot of travel money in your pocket.

    Rod outfit includes:

    Clearwater 6-Weight 9' Fly Rod:

    Big catches require a fly rod with true grit—the Clearwater 6-Weight 9' has what it takes.

    The Clearwater 6-Weight 9' Fly Rod is a stout trout and light bass fly rod that can handle big, heavy streamers, big hair poppers, dropper setups, and nymph rigs with ease. This is a great rod for pounding the banks from a drift boat or dropping poppers on the edge of lily pads. This is a must-have rod in Alaska for throwing mouse patterns and drifting egg patterns and flesh flies to big rainbows.

    The Clearwater 906-4 has the backbone to do the job and then some. There are times when conditions call for big flies to catch big fish and this rod is designed for just that.

    Rod outfit includes:

    Clearwater 8-Weight 9' Fly Rod:

    The Clearwater 8-Weight 9' Fly Rod joins the Orvis 908-4 arsenal as the most popular big game rod model for species from big freshwater bass to bonefish, stripers, and false albacore.

    Any traveling angler, whether headed to the tropics, Bristol Bay, or South America, needs a 908-4 and the Clearwater is not only a great choice in the quiver, but is also a spectacular backup given the remarkable price point. If ever there was trip insurance, this rod is it, but never doubt the fact it is built to be the primary backed by a 25-year guarantee to prove it

    Rod outfit includes:

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