Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series
    • Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series
    • Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series

    Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series


    Orvis Clearwater big game and saltwater rods pack a powerful punch when you're fly fishing saltwater. Our line of Clearwater rods includes a variety of sizes—whether you're fishing for spooky bonefish or migrating tarpon, these rods have you covered in all saltwater situations.

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    Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series

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    About Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series Fly Rods:

    Clearwater rods give the angler versatility: from stripers to steelhead, our Clearwater rods accommodate you in both saltwater and freshwater scenarios. Complete with saltwater reel seats and Cordura rod tubes, the Clearwater rods offer great performance at unbelievable prices. Backed by our 25-year guarantee, these saltwater fly rods offer higher quality and better value than you'll find anywhere else.

    The new Clearwater® Rod Series is not just a cosmetic facelift, but a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers.

    Everything has changed except the value. It's still the best fly rod you can buy for the money, but with a significant upgrade in performance and looks in a comprehensive series that covers every angler from small stream addicts to Skagit slinging two-handers. Each rod was designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the kind of fishing the rod model would be traditionally used for, from medium-action small stream rods to medium-fast freshwater rods and fast-action big game rods.

    Clearwater® 6-Weight 9'9" Fly Rod:

    Big catches require a fly rod with true grit—the Clearwater 6-Weight 9' has what it takes.

    The Clearwater 6-Weight 9'9" Fly Rod is a stout trout and light bass fly rod that can handle big, heavy streamers, big hair poppers, dropper setups, and nymph rigs with ease. This is a great rod for pounding the banks from a drift boat or dropping poppers on the edge of lily pads.

    This is a must-have rod in Alaska for throwing mouse patterns and drifting egg patterns and flesh flies to big rainbows. The Clearwater 996-4 has the backbone to do the job and then some. There are times when conditions call for big flies to catch big fish and this rod is designed for just that.

    Clearwater® 7-Weight 10' Fly Rod:

    Don't choose between distance and line control—the Clearwater 7-Weight 10' Fly Rod does both.

    The Clearwater 7-Weight 10' Fly Rod is the single-handed steelheader's go-to rod with all the length and line control necessary for light to medium Midwest steelheading using subsurface nymphing or dead-drift presentations. This rod is also the rod of choice in the UK for use with multiple density lines on reservoirs and still waters.

    Clearwater® 8-Weight 9' Fly Rod:

    If your mantra is 'bigger is better,' the Clearwater 8-Weight 9' Fly Rod was built for you.

    The Clearwater 8-Weight 9' Fly Rod joins the Orvis 908-4 arsenal as the most popular big game rod model for species from big freshwater bass to bonefish, stripers, and false albacore.

    Any traveling angler, whether headed to the tropics, Bristol Bay, or South America, needs a 908-4 and the Clearwater is not only a great choice in the quiver, but is also a spectacular backup given the remarkable price point.

    If ever there was trip insurance, this rod is it, but never doubt the fact it is built to be the primary backed by a 25-year guarantee to prove it.

    Clearwater® 9-Weight 9' Fly Rod:

    Punch flies through coastal winds with the strong, powerful Clearwater 9-Weight 9' Fly Rod.

    If ever there was a rod that identified with a particular fishery, it's the Clearwater 9-Weight 9' Fly Rod and the North east. Four major species, striped bass, bonito, false albacore, and bluefish, all range the Northeast Coast, and the 9-foot, 9-weight reigns supreme.

    The Clearwater 909-4 offers the strength to handle all of these fish and to power a line through often tough and windy conditions. But anyone traveling south would be wise to bring this rod as well for snook, permit, bull reds, and even juvenile tarpon.

    In freshwater, this rod is the perfect pick for big bass in the weeds and carp. The Clearwater 909-4 checks off a lot of boxes in your arsenal and barely scratches the budget.

    Details Saltwater Orvis Clearwater Series Fly Rods:

    • Blanks are black chrome with white accents.
    • Quick rod identifier on the blank.
    • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a ceramic insert.
    • Full black nickel aluminum reel seats.
    • Rods with fighting butts have composite tips for durability.
    • Two-handed rods have composite on the tip of the foregrip.
    • Comes with gray rod tube.
    • 25-Year Guarantee.
    • Designed in Vermont.
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