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Eyes for Bobbies.

Veniards have been researching the possibility of extra buoyant prefabricated round eyes for quite some time, primarily to do away with the time consuming and messy way this type of eyes are usually made. Perfect balanced eyes are now possible for very little effort.

Veniard Fly Tying



€4.23 €4.70 Save 10%


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Floating eyes (floozeyes) in high-density material.

With regard to flies, you really need a selection of boobies in all colours and a range of sizes.

The original booby method is to use a single fly on a very short leader, so that the fly is kept very close to the bottom.

The flies will descend when being pulled and ascend when paused, due to the buoyancy of the flies. This gives the flies a brilliant action. Try doing 3 or 4 fast pulls followed by a pause of 20 seconds or so. Fish will sometimes take as the fly starts to float upwards during the pause. These takes translate up the line as rattles, which should be struck quickly to avoid the fish swallowing the fly.

  • Pack of 6 in 6 mm.
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