ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline
    • ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline
    • ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline
    • ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline
    • ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline
    • ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline

    ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline


    Ultra-Light, Ultra fun and Ultra effective! The ULS Hybrid Rods by Guideline are tailor-made to fit our range of ULS lines and that ultra-light style of fishing with shorter shooting heads that have proven itself to be so easy to handle and effective.

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    ULS Hybrid Switch Rods by Guideline

    ULS Hybrid



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    About ULS Hybrid Rods by Guideline:

    With the success of our ULS line system and the extended use of the concept, we saw the potential for developing some “specialized” rod models, based on test results from use with ULS 3D+ and Multi Tip lines.

    We have been asked to develop some ultralight, small double hand rods for quite some time now. We decided to build these with a variation of our Switch handles to match the shorter rod length. When test-fishing them, we found that they perform absolutely fantastic as single hand rods and with this customized grip design, we felt it was only natural to name these rods ULS “Hybrid”, as they sure are something right in between a Switch and a Single handed rod.

    The intended use of these rods is river fishing for trout, sea trout, salmon and steelhead. However we have found them to be very capable and a joy to use also from the bank of a lake or while boat fishing for pike, perch and rainbows.

    Ultra Light Scandi Hybrid Rods are very easy to use when single hand spey casting! The deep, yet powerful action make these rods very tolerant against casting "errors" in the anchoring phase and the longer stroke give the caster more time “planning” the cast, when the leader hits the water.

    Effortless casting and easy good distances are typical keywords. If you are targeting larger trout and grayling or migratory fish on medium sized tree-lined rivers where the use of even longer rods and lines is very limited, these rods tick all the boxes.

    We have used high strain, low-resin content material to achieve extremely light and thin blank profiles. The flex is deep, yet fast and lends itself perfectly for use with our ULS lines, but will also work superb with Ultra Compact Heads and WF lines with short heads like our Bullet EVOLVE or Fario WF lines.

    Technical Info ULS Hybrid Rods by Guideline

    • Satin matte black reel seat.
    • Non-tangle style stripper guides and single leg black running guides.
    • Black colored blank in satin matte finish. Matching dark grey wrappings with metallic green trims.
    • Delivered with rod bag and a lightweight rod tube in matching color.

    Guideline ULS Hybrid Switch Fly rods

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