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Marryat Fly Rods

Marryat is the rod for you.

Marryat Fly Rods

Marryat's mission is to build the finest casting, fish-fighting tools in the world, to develop tackle that performs today, tomorrow and into the future - nothing less.

Marryat fly rods are impressive products.

They are beautifully constructed with the best materials around and the most modern technologies.

Marryat has managed to carve out a solid place in the fly fishing world by combining traditional values with innovative tackle. Year after year, Marryat works to build the finest casting, fish fighting tools in the world. They also strive to use the finest materials around so that the rods can be used today, tomorrow and well into the future.

With these simple goals in mind, Marryat Fly Fishing manages to make fishing equipment that changes a good fishing experience into a great one.

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Tactical Pro Marryat Fly Rod

Pascal Cognard, 3-times world champion, rarely returns from prototype testing with a broad smile on his face . . . but the combination of many years of work and latest technology today has him beaming with exclamations of ultimate perfection.

9' # 4/5 (4 Pieces)
9' # 5/6 (4 Pieces)
9'6" # 3/4 (4 Pieces)
9'6" # 6 (4 Pieces)
10' # 3/4 (4 Pieces)
10' # 4/5 (4 Pieces)
10' # 5/6 (4 Pieces)
10' # 7 (4 Pieces)
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