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  • Fly Foam
    Fly Foam

    Very dense and high quality foam....

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  • Aqua Polarized Sunglasses

    Aqua Polarized Sunglasses

    Aqua Polarized Sunglasses

  • Beulah

    Beulah Fly Rods a company that is inspired by a love of fly fishing and the great outdoors.

  • Cortland Fly Lines

    For nearly a century Cortland has been synonymous with fly fishing.

    Our lines and other fishing products have lifted the pride of anglers and wounded the pride of nearly every fish that swims — be it in saltwater or freshwater, still or moving, warm or cold.

  • Douglas Outdoors

    Conservation and excellence are the foundation upon which Douglas Outdoors was built. Conservation is at the forefront of anglers’ minds across the country – the responsibility to fight for our local waters to preserve and maintain a healthy fishery for generations to come.

  • Dubbing SLF Davy Wotton

    Dubbing SLF Davy Wotton

    Slf Standard Dubbing is the original synthetic living fibre. A very popular dubbing due to its lifelike sparkle.

  • Eumer Tube Fly

    Eumer Tube Fly Tying

    At Eumer, it's all about the river.

    Nestled on the west coast of Finland, the Merikarvia river is a source of livelihood, research, electricity, and pleasure.

    In the 1930's, the river was a popular destination for English fly fisherman who would make the long journey North to try their luck against the Salmon and Sea Trout.

    Today, Eumer continues the traditions that fly fisherman have enjoyed for decades.

  • Fishpond

    At Fishpond, we have a passion for creating products that stretch the boundaries of traditional product design and set new standards for functionality. With our roots firmly planted in our core fishing market, we have expanded our portfolio of products to include several new items targeting the outdoor adventure travel and lifestyle segments.

  • Fullig Mill

    Fulling Mill Fly Hooks

    Fulling Mill it's one of Europe’s best-known manufacturers of fly fishing equipment.

  • Guideline Fly Fishing

    We produce high quality fly fishing equipment.

    Are you looking for fly fishing equipment?

    Guideline fly fishing is a well-known Scandinavian company in the fly fishing industry producing a broad range of different products. Both among professional and skilled amateur fly fishers Guideline has become the favorite choice. Our products can be purchased from retailers in many parts of the world.

  • Hareline

    Hareline Dubbin, Inc. manufactures and distributes some of the worlds finest fly tying materials available in today's market. Hareline products are sold through all major Fly Shops throughout the world.

    Hareline Dubbin was founded in 1981 by Bob and Nelda Borden. We do our best to give our dealers the best quality products and quickest delivery in the industry.

  • Hex Fly Co.

    Hex Fly Co. is the dream of two cousins who grew up fishing together across the great state of Michigan.

    Our first taste was on the lower stretches of the famed Au Sable River, just miles from our grandparents’ cottage, where we would throw worms to eager bass and bluegill. We caught the curse on that river, and fishing has consumed our lives ever since.

  • JMC

    JMC, the French fly fishing brand for more than 30 years!

Showing 1 - 15 of 56 items