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For nearly a century Cortland has been synonymous with fly fishing.

Our lines and other fishing products have lifted the pride of anglers and wounded the pride of nearly every fish that swims — be it in saltwater or freshwater, still or moving, warm or cold.

Cortland passion for fly fishing and zeal for innovation.

Now, we are launching a new chapter in our storied history. We are applying some 99 years of fish catching prowess to the use and perfection of modern technologies toward a sole purpose, to help you feel the pull of a fish.

Gone are the silk and linen lines of our early years. They’ve been replaced by PVC, nylon and Dacron.

What was essentially a fly fishing company, starting with line and growing on the strength of our reputation to offer a broad mix of fly fishing equipment, is today a company focused on making line for every conceivable type of fishing; fly, sport, ice ... you name it.

Cortland is the preeminent fishing line company researching, developing, manufacturing our products here in Cortland, New York, and testing them in various locales under a variety of conditions. And we are committed to pushing the envelope, to bringing heightened performance innovation to the market. Our new PSTTM proprietary top coat, which improves line performance and durability, is a prime example.

Now under new leadership, we offer up this passion, experience and technology with a fresh perspective. In the coming months look for us to deploy recycled fibers, advanced engineered tapers, and 21st century plastics. Look for us to continue upgrading our manufacturing facilities and lead the industry in quality control. And look to us to improve on product performance, and on dealer and customer service.

Spool up Cortland. Hit the water. And feel the pull.


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