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    Super Hair

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Hex Fly Co. is the dream of two cousins who grew up fishing together across the great state of Michigan.

Our first taste was on the lower stretches of the famed Au Sable River, just miles from our grandparents’ cottage, where we would throw worms to eager bass and bluegill. We caught the curse on that river, and fishing has consumed our lives ever since.

About Hex Fly Co

Our obsession with fly fishing and the outdoors fueled the literal campfire that birthed Hex Fly Co. Our namesake was adopted from the most famous mayfly hatch in our home state of Michigan. We made it our life and mission to spread the spirit of fly fishing and the camaraderie to everyone and anyone who wants to join in the adventure with us

There’s always been a ‘DIY’ spirit entangled in fly fishing. While most anglers don’t make their own lures, a large portion of fly fishing guides, enthusiasts, and weekend warriors tie their own flies. I’ve met guides who could tie a damn good caddis imitation on the boat during your float. They string together their own leaders. They start to study the bugs themselves. They make their own path. Their own trail. 

We became entrenched in that spirit. At Hex Fly Co. we strive to reinvent the traditional norms of fly fishing gear through design and experimentation. Ultimately, we aim to source the materials and assemble everything ourselves. Whether it be the gear or other goods, most of our stock is designed and built with our own hands, occasionally with the help of other local artisans. Before we launch any product, we ask ourselves two questions: “Can we make it?” and “Can we make it better?”

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items