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Fly Fishing Rods.

Our range offers everything from double-handed rods for salmon fishing to single–handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing.

We stock rods for every budget and skill level from beginner to expert. There's also a range of ‘ready to go’ rod, reel and line kits offerin.

Fly Fishing Rods.

Our range offers everything from double-handed rods for salmon fishing to single–handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing.

We stock rods for every budget and skill level from beginner to expert. There's also a range of ‘ready to go’ rod, reel and line kits offerin.


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  • Orvis Fly Fishing Rods

    Orvis offers the highest quality fly rods in the industry.

    By combining cutting-edge technology, precision and more than 150 years of rod building experience, our line of fly rods is the best on the market.

    Explore our selection of fly rods and find exactly what you are looking for before your next fly-fishing adventure.

    Our assortment of fly rods has everything for saltwater, freshwater, spey casting, small creeks and warm water applications. Orvis continues to take great pride in outfitting fly-fishing anglers around the globe, for well over a century.

    Our fly rod selection offers rods for any application. Our goal remains the same as it was in the beginning, providing a superior selection of quality fly rods at a reasonable price for the discerning angler.

  • Maxia Fly Rods

    Maxia Fly Fishing Rods

    Founded in year 2000, created by and for fishermen, our company has acquired recently the Technology and equipment developed over decades by the Italian master Aldo Silva in his business Modern Flies.

    From our headquarters in Asturias and with the International Casting Master Instructor Alejandro Viñuales at the head of our design and production team, our young company aims at achieving new levels never before reached in the technological development of high performance fly fishing rods.

    Starting from the knowlege gained by Aldo Silva over years of experience we have developed new techniques and processes and improved existing ones. The result is a new series of rods of exceptional quality.

    Over the years MAXIA RODS has become a synonym for high performance. Innovative materials, concepts and designs rank our rods among the elite. Your MAXIA is more than a fly rod.

    Every MAXIA is unique: designed and built entirely in Europe using a process closer to craftsmanship than manufacturing chain. Each and every rod we make has its personality.

    Everyone on our team, from the General Manager to the rod builders,is a fly fisherman. We know what you need and we do our best to deliver it to you because our work is our passion.

  • Guideline Fly Rods

    The trademark Guideline embost on the blank of a fly rod is synonymous with quality.

    Guideline Fly Rods

    Guideline designs and develop rods with one target in mind: To give you the fisherman the very best experience on the water.

    Our product manager has tremendous experience in rod development, choosing the right components, the best carbon structure etc. The final result is a product we believe to be the best in their class. Choosing a fly rod is a lot about feeling and different preferences like intended use, favourite action and cosmetics.

    In Guideline we look at each rod as a unique project and build it to suit its intended use. Which means that inside a rod series there can be differences in rod actions between the different models.

    Guideline continue to be a pioneer in the development of modern salmon fishing which most of us know as the Scandinavian style or just Scandi. Our rods are optimized for the Scandinavian casting- and fishing style with short- and medium long casting strokes. A style that is much more effortless hour after hour along the river.

    We put great efforts in designing rods that suits all kinds of line densities. This demand a lot of the rod design and this quality is a benchmark of Guideline Switch and Double Hand Rods. In short, we strive to make salmon fishing easy and effective.

    Here are a few hallmarks regarding the different rod series:

    Fario NT8 and NT8 Features the very latest in Nano-resin technology. The rods have premium cork quality, light weight and medium fast action with a remarkable recovery speed. NT8 rods come as 4 and 5 piece in single hand and 6 piece in double hand.

    ULS Hybrid Rods are tailor-made to fit our range of ULS lines and that ultra-light style of fishing with shorter shooting heads that have proven itself to be so easy to handle and effective.

    LPs are a series of entry to intermediate level Euro nymph/light dry fly presentation rods that offer an amazing experience.

    The new Guideline LPX fly rods series

    LPX Coastal, is the next generation fly rods for coastal & predator fishing featuring environmentally friendly, high-end components and production processes.

    Lpx Chrome are built with advanced blank construction technology,C.A.P M4.0. Generally, a rather fast flex with a wellbalanced
    power to be a superb casting rod that manages Scandi floating Float/Sink and sinking lines as well as Skagit type heads equally well. The flex also lets you fight big fish fast and efficiently.

    LPX Tactical, a medium/Fast Flex with a well-balanced power to be both a superb casting rod, yet an “on-point” fishing rod with the delicacy needed for both stealthy presentations and effective fishfighting with thin tippets.

    LPX Nymph, with sensitive tip sections that manages both long casts with single- and double nymph rigs, as well as being protective when fishing thin tippets.

    LPX Predator, Fast Flex with a well-balanced power to be both a superb casting rod that doesn’t fatigue the angler, yet a rod with the power needed for effective and fast fish-fighting.

  • JMC Fly Fishing Rods

    For more than 20 years, the range of JMC fly fishing rods, has been constantly updated to meet the technological innovations and expectations of all angler profiles.

    Whether you are an occasional angler, a competitor or a truly enthusiast, among the JMC models, you will find the one that exactly meets your needs and expectations.

    JMC fly rods are very popular among the most experienced fly fishermen in Italy and France. Especially the COMPETITION series, designed for the most demanding anglers, who also participate in fishing competitions.

  • Douglas Outdoors Fly Rods

    About Douglas Outdoors Fly Rods

    Douglas Outdoors is committed to producing only the best fly rods. From our high-end models to mid-priced and entry level – each rod is designed to deliver superior performance. We only use high-end, modern materials and rod components to deliver the performance, accuracy and durability we are dedicated to producing.

    Each of our fly rods go through a meticulous process of development and testing to ensure it will enhance an angler’s fishing experience. We are constantly innovating our rod manufacturing process in order to continue producing the exceptional rods our customers have come to expect from Douglas Outdoors.

  • Beulah Fly Fishing Rods

    Everyone in the fly fishing world is impressed with the beautiful Beulah Fly Fishing Rods, an Oregon-based company known primarily for its Switch and Spey rods.

    In fact, Beulah was the first rod manufacturer to introduce Switch rods (shorter and lighter than Spey rods) in 2005.

    Now Switch fly rods, considered a rarity at the time, are a staple for all Spey rod makers. Beulah also manufactures classic single-handed rods using the most advanced graphite-to-graphene technologies, employing the best resins and extremely high raw rolling pressure for great blank consistency and one of the lightest rods on the market.

  • Taylor Fly Fishing Rods

    When fishing with a taylor fly rod, you can be confident you are fishing the best. We have a simple vision: to provide top quality fly fishing products designed with the angler in mind.

    Taylor Elite Nano Materials

    Our newest collection of rods feature our proprietary blends of super high modulus carbon fiber and nano resins to create fly rods that aren't just lightweight but also extremely strong. High modulus carbon fiber on its own is lightweight but weak, brittle, and prone to breakage. With our new Elite resin system we keep the desirable lightweight qualities of high modulus carbons while dramatically improving overall strength and performance.

    Titanium recoil guides

    Our newest collection of rods also feature titanium recoil guides. These guides are lighter, stronger, and virtually unbreakable. Most companies use steel chrome guides to save money even on their top of the line models. At Taylor, we have chosen to use the best guides, because we have a goal to design the best rods money can buy.

    * Technology uses vary according to model. Please see product descriptions for exact technological uses for each particular product.

  • Loomis & Franklin IM12...

    Loomis & Franklin Fly Fishing Rods

    New series of canes with an excellent quality-price ratio. Made by Loomis & Franklin, a brand synonymous with quality and guarantee, according to the specifications of Soldarini Fly Tackle.

    Developed in many models, suitable to be used from the small stream to the big river. All in four pieces, single bridge rings, anodised aluminium roll holders, quality cork. It is supplied with the rod sleeve and tube.

    Loomis & Franklin IM12 series characterised by light and extremely thin blanks, with fast but progressive action, resulting from the physical properties of the carbon in the IM12 module.

  • Fly fishing Kits by...

    Fly Fishing kits by Guideline - A perfect start!

    Guideline Fly Fishing

    Guideline flyfishing kits have been updated with a totally new range of rods called Kaitum, Epik and Laxá. They whole series have new actions, new look and improved performance across the board.

    Taking advantage of new material technology with reduced resin content in the graphite cloth, these rods are a little lighter and crisper than our previous kit rods that have been with us for years.

    There are also some new, very interesting lighter and shorter double hand rods that will suit younger newcomers to the sport. Our brand new, high performance and cool looking FAVO fly reels are fitted to the rods and are spooled with custom designed Guideline WF and Multi Tip Shooting Heads depending on rod length and model.

    These kits are assembled and ready to be used straight out of the rod case. Just add a fly of your choice and attach it to the leader and start fishing.

    The single hand rods are available in 9' and 9'6 feet models and are fitted with WF floating lines. The Kaitum 9´ #5 and 9´ #6 rods have half wells handles with an aluminum reel seat with black insert. The Epik 9´ #9 and Laxá 9,6´ #7 rods have full wells cork grips and a small fighting butt.

  • Marryat Fly Rods

    Marryat is the rod for you.

    Marryat Fly Rods

    Marryat's mission is to build the finest casting, fish-fighting tools in the world, to develop tackle that performs today, tomorrow and into the future - nothing less.

    Marryat fly rods are impressive products.

    They are beautifully constructed with the best materials around and the most modern technologies.

    Marryat has managed to carve out a solid place in the fly fishing world by combining traditional values with innovative tackle. Year after year, Marryat works to build the finest casting, fish fighting tools in the world. They also strive to use the finest materials around so that the rods can be used today, tomorrow and well into the future.

    With these simple goals in mind, Marryat Fly Fishing manages to make fishing equipment that changes a good fishing experience into a great one.

  • Accessories Tubes and...