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  • JMC Specialist V4 Vest
    JMC Specialist V4 Vest

    The JMC Specialist V4 Vest has 28 technical pockets and many innovative...

    189,00 €
  • Jmc Torrent Vest
    Jmc Torrent Vest

    Made from breathable microfiber, the Jmc Torrent Fly Fishing Vest has 8...

    79,00 €
  • JMC Tempete Wading Jacket
    JMC Tempete Wading Jacket

    The JMC Tempête Wading Jacket has three layers of Tempest® membrane,...

    199,00 €
  • Force Jackets by JMC
    Force Jackets by JMC

    The JMC Force Jackets are a high performance product at an amazing...

    99,00 €


List of products by manufacturer Fishpond

At Fishpond, we have a passion for creating products that stretch the boundaries of traditional product design and set new standards for functionality. With our roots firmly planted in our core fishing market, we have expanded our portfolio of products to include several new items targeting the outdoor adventure travel and lifestyle segments.

The addition of our signature. Cyclepond fabric four years ago marked an industry first when we introduced a line of products that were made out of repurposed fishing nets.

For 2018 we continue to evolve our Cyclepond story by adding a second source of repurposed nylon into our collection. This new process takes industrial nylon waste, which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, and turns it into our new super strong 1680D Ballistic Nylon.

With our commitment to the outdoors, we are continually looking for ways to make a difference in the everyday things we can weave together and build a better tomorrow.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items