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UNI Products

UNI Products, fly tying materials.

UNI Products

UNI Products J.G. Côté Inc. started when Mr. Jean-Guy Côté, a well-known fly-tier was looking for innovative products to tie his flies.

He decided to spool his original discovery, a thread with improved tying characteristics when compared with existing market offerings. At first Jean-Guy only intended to share the new product with his fly-tying friends, but soon the demand increased to the point where he decided to do it in full time.

In 1989 he founded UNI Products J.G. Côté Inc.. The product line grew each year (UNI-Thread, UNI-Floss, UNI-Stretch, UNI-Mylar, etc.) with more than 800 different item codes, for example 6/0 Uni-Thread available in 25 colors. UNI exports spooled tying materials to more than 30 countries through 80 distributors.

UNI has developed a unique waxing method eliminating excessive residue that clogs bobbins, leaving the thread with a surface texture that grabs and holds tying materials.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items