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  • JMC Specialist V4 Vest
    JMC Specialist V4 Vest

    The JMC Specialist V4 Vest has 28 technical pockets and many innovative...

    189,00 €
  • Jmc Torrent Vest
    Jmc Torrent Vest

    Made from breathable microfiber, the Jmc Torrent Fly Fishing Vest has 8...

    79,00 €
  • JMC Tempete Wading Jacket
    JMC Tempete Wading Jacket

    The JMC Tempête Wading Jacket has three layers of Tempest® membrane,...

    199,00 €
  • Force Jackets by JMC
    Force Jackets by JMC

    The JMC Force Jackets are a high performance product at an amazing...

    99,00 €

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Jp Thebault Fly Lines

Silk lines THEBAULT (pronounce Teb-O) are made  from the silk thread of “bombyx mori linnaous” the caterpillar of the bombyx. This braided, vacuum dressed, hand honed silk becomes a line with no memory.

No more annoying coils grabbing at your reel handle when you shoot line.

The thinner diameter to weight ratio allows for easier pick up from water, loading the rod faster.

Cutting  throught wind and landing on the water with less line splash.
Silk line must be DRESSED BEFORE FIRST USE  with grease furnished  and dried after fishing.

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