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Orvis Fly Fishing Rods

Orvis offers the highest quality fly rods in the industry.

By combining cutting-edge technology, precision and more than 150 years of rod building experience, our line of fly rods is the best on the market.

Explore our selection of fly rods and find exactly what you are looking for before your next fly-fishing adventure.

Our assortment of fly...

Orvis offers the highest quality fly rods in the industry.

By combining cutting-edge technology, precision and more than 150 years of rod building experience, our line of fly rods is the best on the market.

Explore our selection of fly rods and find exactly what you are looking for before your next fly-fishing adventure.

Our assortment of fly rods has everything for saltwater, freshwater, spey casting, small creeks and warm water applications. Orvis continues to take great pride in outfitting fly-fishing anglers around the globe, for well over a century.

Our fly rod selection offers rods for any application. Our goal remains the same as it was in the beginning, providing a superior selection of quality fly rods at a reasonable price for the discerning angler.


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  • Orvis Helios 3

    Orvis Helios 3

    There is a famous quote by Wyatt Earp, "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."

    What anglers discover with experience is just that. In fly fishing, accuracy is everything. Whether it's the right drift in the feeding lane, the sightline of a cruising predator, or the right level of the water column, the difference between success and failure is often measured in inches.

    All modern fly rods are powerful, but accuracy is the new frontier in fly design. Making an 80-foot cast in saltwater is prospecting. Making a forty-foot cast on the nose of a laid-up tarpon is fishing. Reflect on your greatest successes and failures as an angler and the answer is clear. Accuracy breeds success.

    The H3 brings us a fundamental shift from flex profiles to a new frontier in accuracy and purpose-driven design.

    Helios 3F and 3D each offer uncompromising purpose.

    Orvis Helios 3F is accuracy with finesse, a dry fly angler's dream.

    Orvis Helios 3D is accuracy with power at distance for pinpoint delivery of larger flies.

    The difference is taper and stiffness, but the design foundation of accuracy remains constant.

    To play the game at its highest level there can be no compromise and for every angler the H3 is the pinnacle of purpose, designed to master the moment and meet the demands of accuracy on a spring creek with a 3F or a tarpon flat with a 3D.

    Choose the game, then choose the weapon.

  • Orvis Recon

    Recon Fly Fishing Rods by Orvis

    Recon freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing rods boast an excess of performance-minded highlights in a sleek, stealthy design. Freshwater anglers trust in our Recon collection for a delicate presentation to keep spooky fish from bolting. Recon rods and outfits are designed for presentation and control on meandering streams or big water. Nor will a gentle touch shoulder out strength—Recon fly rods have the backbone to battle big fish who put up a fight. Throw hefty flies against a stiff wind, and they’ll hit their target every time—even when the elements conspire against you.

    Make the most of goosebump-inducing runs—the Recon saltwater rod is a workhorse that turns screaming lines into landed fish. Stalk the flats for your favorite catch and cast with confidence. Choose the rod outfit to suit your style and prey, and let our meticulous engineering do the heavy lifting. Wherever you intend to drop your next fly, Recon saltwater and freshwater fly-fishing rods are designed to deliver.

    Orvis Recon® is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a sane hour. For anglers who would rather spend the day in the front of a skiff than behind a desk, we’ve created a rod ready to work as hard as you do in the pursuit of fish. Recon teams high-performance feel with lightness in hand. With close-in loading ability and the power for longer reach, the rods feature a modern shadow green blank and covert black nickel hardware.

    • Proudly made in the USA by people who love fishing as much as you do.
    • Superior High-performance tapers.
    • Improved, unsanded ferrule design.
    • Lightest-weight rod in its class.
    • U.S.-made aluminum rod tuve.
  • Clearwater Fly Fishing...

    Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Rods

    Complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers.

    Comprehensive series that covers every angler from small stream to two handers.

    The new Clearwater® Rod Series is not just a cosmetic facelift, but a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. Everything has changed except the value. It’s still the best fly rod you can buy for the money, but with a significant upgrade in performance and looks.

    Quiver models include Tightline 10’ 3-wt., Musky 9’4” 11-wt., and Trout Spey 11’4” 3wt.

    Each rod was designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the kind of fishing the rod model would be traditionally used for, from medium action small stream rods to medium fast freshwater rods and fast action big-game rods. The new Clearwater® Rod Series offers 27 models.

    • Blanks are black chrome with white accents.
    • Quick rod identifier on the blank.
    • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a ceramic insert.
    • Full black nickel aluminum reel seats.
    • Rods with fighting butts have composite tips for durability.
    • Two-handed rods have composite on the tip of the foregrip.
    • Comes with gray Cordura rod tube.
    • Designed in Vermont.

  • Orvis Superfine

    Orvis Superfine Gass Fly Rods

  • Encouter Orvis Rods...

    Orvis Encouter Outfits

    Enter the world of fly fishing with ease with affordable Encounter fly rods.

    These economy fly rod outfits are offered in the most popular sizes and line weights, so that there is no guessing on your part. Complete with fly rod, reel, line and backing, you will not find another value package with such high quality.

    This package makes a great gift for new anglers or those looking for a back-up fly rod. At under $200 each, these discount fly rods make it easy for the novice angler to get in on the sport of fly fishing.

  • Orvis Mission...

    Mission Fly Fishing Rods by Orvis

    This versatile line includes options to reach the far bank with a hefty pattern or drop a diminutive fly just-so—big or small water, there’s a Mission fly rod to suit your inclinations. Scandi lines or Skagit heads, this fly rod outfit handles each with an efficient, do-it-all ease.

    Orvis Mission Two-Handed Fly Rods dampen vibrations to put more energy behind each cast, a veritable angling autocorrect system that improves presentation and rescues botched casts. These forgiving fly rods offer impressive line control and excellent reach so you can hit the far bank of big salmon rivers or drop smaller flies with precision.

    Cast all day: Mission rods may be lightweight, but each is a casting powerhouse. The two-handed Mission collection includes compact fly rods to manage tight spots, versatile models that swap between big and small waters, and big-water beasts capable of heaving hefty patterns to voracious trophy fish.

    Break it all down for easy transportation: Mission Fly Rods come in four- and six-piece designs, perfect for travel. And, they’re backed by our 25-year guarantee.

    The Orvis Mission Two-Handed Rod Series is a comprehensive American-made series encompassing the two-handed casting spectrum from compact and versatile 11-foot rods to big-water 14 and 15-foot models.

    Mission rods are the result of Orvis Helios 3 design advancement techniques, tested by experts from the Pacific Northwest to Europe.

    Helios 3 construction design dampens vibrations making casts easier and more accurate with an inherent autocorrect that allows even a mediocre cast to be rescued by these rods.

    The increased hoop strength we obtain by using Helios 3 construction means less energy lost and more efficient energy transfer. It is easier to develop fluid power in the cast with less effort, because the rods dampen quicker with no wobble, shooting long casts with accurate presentation.

    • Blanks are matte olive with orange accents.
    • Quick rod identifier on the blank.
    • Composite cork on grip in high wear areas.
    • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a SiC insert.
    • Reel seat is downlocking, self-indexing, with a solid aluminum barrel.
    • Comes with orange aluminum rod tube with black anodized cap and collar.
    • 25-Year Guarantee.
    • Made in USA.
  • Fly Rods Accessories...