JMC Lazer Polarized Sunglasses
  • JMC Lazer Polarized Sunglasses

JMC Lazer Polarized Sunglasses


Designed on the basis of high quality polycarbonate, JMC 720 Lazer Polarized Sunglasses guarantee optimum polarization and unparalleled comfort.

JMC Lazer Polarized Sunglasses

JMC Lazer



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JMC Glasses 720 Lazer

By eliminating almost all blue light from the perceptible light spectrum, JMC Lazer Polarized Sunglasses preserve and protect your eyes, whatever the light conditions. Each lens is coated with a mirrored nano-film that enhances UV filtration and gives each frame a unique look.

The wrap-around design of the Lazer frame minimizes the entry of external light and thus increases the brightness of the lens. At the same time, it provides additional protection to our eyes against possible accidents with our hooks, especially on windy days.

Manufactured in France, with light and resistant paste, satin black color. Silver trims on the hinges and perforated temples at the end.

They are presented in their protective zippered case, with cleaning cloth and safety cord.

The lenses for JMC 720 Lazer polarized glasses are available in three different colors

  • Yellow.
    • Thanks to their great luminosity, they allow fishing in very closed rivers, on cloudy days and even at dusk.
  • Copper Brown.
    • For fishing in lakes or large rivers, but also in the sea with optimum protection.
  • Gray.
    • This is the right color in extreme light conditions. It is recommended for Belly Boat Fishing, inshore or offshore.

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