Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots MICHELIN
    • Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots MICHELIN

    JMC Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots MICHELIN


    The new Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots are the result of a long development process and, after thousands of hours of testing, are a great innovation for 2023!

    Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots MICHELIN

    JMC Hydrox



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    Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots MICHELIN

    Lightweight, comfortable and robust, the Hydrox Stunt Wading Boot MICHELIN has every chance of becoming one of JMC's flagship products.

    The design of the Hydrox Stunt Wading Boots is based on genuine natural leather and Ripstop polyester, resulting in a soft and abrasion resistant upper.

    Stitched rubber reinforcements in the forefoot and heel, a high-density EVA midsole and an anatomical PU footbed ensure optimum comfort and cushioning for the angler.

    The Michelin soles of Hydrox Stunt boots are specifically designed for fishing, and are distinguished by their quality of grip, but also by their longevity.

    For nearly a decade, the global tire giant MICHELIN has been developing high-end soles for sports footwear.

    To carry out this project, the French company partnered in 2014 with a world leader in technical textiles. The aim of this partnership was for Michelin not to manufacture, but to bring all the know-how it has acquired over more than a century. For them, the guiding principle can be summed up in three key words that can be transferred to both tires and footwear: technology, comfort and safety.

    Motorcycling, trail, climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering... Today, Michelin soles are used in numerous outdoor activities. To achieve such a level of diversification and specialization, the developers have based their products on the different rubber qualities, but also on the tread patterns of their tires. Wading also has very specific needs in terms of footwear.

    The Michelin OCX3 soles used on JMC STUNT shoes meet the specific requirements of this technical product. Originally used for canyoning, the OCX3 soles are equipped with a soft rubber that adapts to all wet and slippery surfaces while maintaining maximum durability. The tread pattern and lug placement are designed to limit the accumulation of material and facilitate its evacuation. The grip is therefore impeccable for optimum comfort and safety.

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