Natural Silk Fly Fishing Line ST - DT by JMC
  • Natural Silk Fly Fishing Line ST - DT by JMC

Natural Silk Fly Fishing Line DT by JMC


JMC's Natural Silks fly fishing lines combine the charm of a classic silk line with the advantages of a modern manufacturing process, allowing for wonderful dry fly presentations.

Natural Silk Fly Fishing Line ST - DT by JMC

Natural Silk



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Natural Silk Fly Fishing Line DT by JMC

JMC natural silk fly lines are manufactured in France by Ver a Soie using the traditional weaving process. The modern melting and polymerization process generates regular, very soft and perfectly floating lines.

The mechanical pre-braiding of each of these silks makes it possible to use them intensively from the first fishing trip. The small diameter and high buoyancy of JMC natural silk lines minimize the drag effect and their high density makes them easy to cast, even in adverse conditions.

Natural silk lines are very efficient in the cast, and offer greater versatility on the water. Unlike synthetic lines, which are designed for a specific technique, these natural silk lines can be prepared in advance for fishing in a variety of different situations.

If left untreated, a silk fly line acts as a slow sinking intermediate line, but when oiled the line becomes hydrophobic and floats "on" the surface film rather than "in" it. This translates into ease of mending or lifting the line without disturbing the water surface or generating spray.

The JMC`s DT profile fly line is a high quality natural silk based on a classic design. It is not made to cast extremely long distances, but to present dry flies in a very delicate way. It allows very controlled false casts and, of course, very precise presentations.


  • Line DT length 30 m
  • High quality silk line based on a classic design.
  • Made from natural silk using a traditional weaving process.
  • Excellent floating properties.
  • Easy to cast in windy conditions due to its relatively high density.
  • Mechanical pre-braiding.

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