Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line
    • Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line
    • Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line
    • Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line

    Combo Reel & Line Guideline


    Combo Favo Reel & Control 3.0 WF Fly Line

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    Guideline Fly Fishing

    Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line

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    Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line

    Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line is a short headed, easy to cast fly line perfect for the beginners, as a special line for short to mid distance fishing or when you have less space for back casts.

    Control 3.0 WF Fly Line is made with the novice/intermediate caster in mind and has a design that generates high line speed and easy contact with the rod. Learning the double haul is a lot easier with shorter head lines like this.

    Control is suitable for fishing with all kinds of flies and are great for both river- and lake fishing.

    The taper reminds a lot of the Fario Tactical, but is a bit shorter and therefor even easier to manage for all level of casters.

    This is our entry level fly line with a great price and value, perfect for small to medium sized rivers. It is also a great tool for fishing where you have less space for back casts.

    Taper Design Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line

    Guideline Control 3.0 is a modern WF line with a short head length, featuring a long, continuous front taper backed by a shorter, level belly section that produces a noticeable load in the line.

    A medium length back taper improves the ease of handling. A further help for the good line control is the 3m long handling line between the back taper and the running line. This section makes it possible to hold a bit more than the head length outside the rod tip without loosing control when you cast.

    The front taper is 5,1 meters in a #5 wt and ensures good transition of power and delicate presentations.

    The belly is 2.0 m and the back taper is 1,8 m, and the main weight of the line is towards the back which makes it load the rod perfectly on all distances. It also has a short back taper that makes the line very suitable for spey casts.

    Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line

    Guideline Control 3.0 WF Fly Line Espec

    Guideline Control 3.0 has a buoyant coating for good floatability and is slick and easy to shoot. It has dual colors for easy identification of the transition between head and running line.

    • The line is fitted with small factory-made loops in both ends.
    • Has a printed ID marking about 50 cm up from the tip.
    • Color:
      • Pale Lime Green head.
      • Sky Grey shooting line.
    • Head length:
      • 8,75 meters in line weight 4-6.
      • 9,25 meters in line weight 7-8.
    • Total length:
      • 25 meters in WF 4-6.
      • 27,5m in WF 7-8.
    • Available in WF 4-8.
    • Floating.

    Technical Info

    Favo Fly Reel by Guideline - Features

    Part of the design is unique and can only be achieved by using a die casting method where reels are produced from high precision tooling and then CNC finished before being coated with the final finish. The drag system is smooth, precise and well proven over years.

    Normal care and maintenance is required when using the reels in salt water. There are 3 models available and they will fit rods from #4 up to 10/11. The 79 and 810 models have a rim cage to stabilize the frame and prevent thin Shooting Lines from getting caught between frame and spool.

    The 810 also features extra X-truss supports and has a double 5-spoke pattern both on the spool and the frame. The retrieve direction on the reels is easy to alter and only takes a couple of minutes. FAVO has a Dark Gunmetal (or Black) semi matte finish on the frame and spool, with black knobs and details. There are two orange metal plates with GL snake logo on the drag- and spool release knobs. Reels are delivered in a nylon reel case.

    Reel #4694x62x30 mm71 cm3136 gr
    Reel #79100x58x30 mm103 cm3162 gr
    Reel #810110x64x36 mm162,5 cm3216 gr

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