Guideline ULBC Wader
  • Guideline ULBC Wader
  • Guideline ULBC Wader
  • Guideline ULBC Wader
  • Guideline ULBC Wader
  • Guideline ULBC Wader
  • Guideline ULBC Wader

Guideline ULBC Wader


Wader Guideline ULBC (Ultra Light Back Country)  is made for the hiking & travelling fly angler. Minimalistic convertible design, low weight and outstanding packability.

Guideline fly fishing

Guideline ULBC Wader

Guideline ULBC



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ULBC Wader by Guideline

Who hasn’t been packing for a trip over seas or a backcountry trip and asked yourself whether to bring the waders or not from a weight & bulk aspect? Think no more. Guideline ULBC Wader is designed to be a no-brainer in your bag or backpack, yet still offer you the possibility to wade out within reach of that fish or to let you fish upstream, along and across your dream river.

The choice of materials is packable, breathable and hardly noticeable to form what is likely to be the lightest full height wader in the market, so this is definitely not your choice for daily hard-core angling.

They feature the vertically adjustable Elevator™ Braces, turning them into a waist wader in seconds giving you great comfort when hiking along or between waters.

The detachable waterproof TPU-pocket makes sure that you can operate your phone without taking it out.

The perfect fitted stocking feet feature the most sustainable and functional solution out there using plant based Yulex® Natural Rubber and a limestone based high density sole. This in combination with main fabric gravel guards, they provide for the best match with your wading boots and long days of hiking and fishing.

The material in the ULCB wader is 2,5-layer Recycled Nylon in upper front leg and above waist. Waterproofness 25.000 mm. Breathability 8.000 g/m2/24h.

Below the waist we use a 3,5-layer Recycled Nylon fabric with waterproofness of 25.000 mm and breathability of 8.000 g/m2/24h.

Guideline ULBC Wader Details

  • Full height wader
  • Vertically adjustable Elevator™ Braces for a waist wader transformation
  • Nylon belt webbing with a hi/low position
  • Crotch construction for increased movability and wader strength
  • Articulated knees for maximum movability
  • Gravel guards with hook for connection to wading boots
  • Comfort Plus™ fitted socks to avoid any bulk in the boot
  • Yulex® Natural Rubber stocking feet with a limestone based high density sole
  • Detachable waterproof flip out hanging pocket made of TPU
  • Colour: Algae Green/Charcoal
  • Nine different sizes: M-XXL, MS, ML, MK, LL, LK
  • PU-coated stuff bag included
  • Eco Friendly
  • PPFC/PFOA Free, no harmfull fluorocarbons.
  • PVC-Free
  • Fabric   3,5 (legs) 2,5 (top)
  • Layer Recycled Nylon
  • Breathability 8000
  • Waterproofness 25000
  • Weight approx 710g excl TPU pocket & stuff bag.
  • Packed weight approx 775g in #L

Guideline Clean All The Way Product Report

All main fabrics are made of recycled Nylon and main fabrics, buckles and much of the trims are 3rd party bluesign® approved.

To reduce the use of petroleum-based neoprene, the socks use plant based Yulex® Natural Rubber from FSC certified hevea rubber trees. Yulex® Natural Rubber reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to petroleum based neoprene.

The rubber is laminated to recycled polyester on both sides and fastened to the wader by using a water-based glue.This is by far a better choice for the environment compared to industrial neoprene.

For the stocking foot sole, an extremely high dense rubber is required and here a limestone based rubber is the best combination of performance and endurance while caring for our planet.

This material uses calcium carbonate from limestone sedimentary rocks to form chloroprene rubber chips and they are then melted, infused and baked into foams before sliced to the correct thickness.

The ULBC wader is a fluorocarbon free product.

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