Hair Stackers by Kingfisher
  • Hair Stackers by Kingfisher

Hair Stackers by Kingfisher


Kingfisher high quality hair stackers have brass body and tube. You can choose from three sizes depending on your application.

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Hair Stackers by Kingfisher

Hair Stackers



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Hair Stackers by Kingfisher

A hair stacker is an essential tool which allows alignment of many different types of naturals fibres, like elk hair or calf.

To use a hair stacker put a small clump of hair into the funnel tipsfirst. Tap the stacker firmly against a hard surface several times. The tapping aligns all of the tips. Remover the funnel and grasp the tops of the hair fibres carefully, all of the tips should now be perfectly aligned and ready for tying.

The largest stacker,  is specifically intended for large bugs. It is useful for mixing hair colors, when you place several colors together and blend them together by stirring with a large bodkin.

Medium stackers are good for typical deer hair work with 1 or 2 pencil clumps.

Small are good for trout flies,especially for stacking calf tail hair.

Kingfisher Hair Stackers

  • L     Ø  0,55   -   H  2,75 inch
  • M    Ø  0,43   -   H  2  inch
  • S    Ø  0,24   -   H  1,7 inch
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