Golden Pheasant Complete Head  by Eumer
  • Golden Pheasant Complete Head  by Eumer

Golden Pheasant Complete Head by Eumer


Golden Pheasant Complete Head by Eumer are the best selected air dried complete heads from Golden Pheasant roosters. Include both crests and tippets.

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Golden Pheasant Complete Head  by Eumer

Golden Pheasant



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Golden Pheasant Complete Head  by Eumer

The Golden Pheasant Head feathers are beautiful colored without grease , nice and vibrant, the crest is clean also. they have two very unique aspects: on the one hand, the black-colored tips create a nice contrast and on the other hand, they are not too soft, which helps preserve the volume of your patterns in the water.

Due to their black tips and perfect symmetry, the feathers from the head of the Golden Pheasant have a long tradition in salmon fly tying and are still used today for a wide range of patterns.

The head feathers are used in salmon flies wings, cheeks and tails. Are also useful for many Shrimp patterns, streamers, wet and dry flies. Probably the most famous dry fly pattern, which features a Golden Pheasant tail is the Royal Coachman.

With a whole head, you are well prepared to tie many, many patterns and you can always choose the perfect length for the fly you’re tying.

A high quality, natural tying material by Eumer.

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