JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods
    • JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods
    • JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods
    • JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods

    JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods


    JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods has everything to sublimate the practice of nymph fishing! The Performer is only one year old, but it is already on its way to becoming a "best-seller" in the JMC line.

    JMC Performer Fly Fishing Rods

    JMC Performer



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    Performer Fly Fishing Rods by JMC

    This is not mere coincidence, since this series with its high quality design is in perfect harmony with very current trends, especially with the advent of nymph fishing and all the approaches that result from it.

    Like the specially designed thin handle or a precise removable balancing system, everything has been developed with the ultimate aim of specializing each Performer rod to the maximum.

    JMC Performer 9'4" #3/4

    Is ideal for dry fly fishing.

    JMC Performer 9'9" #3/4

    Is the most versatile model, for short drifts with tandem, dry flies, classic nymphs or Spanish perdigon.

    JMC Performer 10' #2/3

    For very fine fishing, with pellets or light nymphs and short drifts.

    JMC Performer 10'6" #2/3

    Same as its smaller 10' sister, but will allow for slightly longer drifts.

    JMC Performer 10'9" #3/4

    For fishing with slightly heavier nymphs.

    JMC Performer 11' #2/3

    Allows us to fish very fine, with light nymphs, in rivers that require very long drifts.

    JMC Performer 11' #3/4

    For fishing with slightly heavier nymphs in wide rivers and long drifts.

    To perfectly control line drifts, especially when using very light nymphs, it is essential to achieve the perfect balance between rod and reel.

    The use of semi-automatic reels implies the need to keep the lever at the level of the index finger and, therefore, a higher positioning of the reel. To maintain the balance according to the angler's preferences, and also depending on the weight of the reel used. JMC Performer Fly Rod is equipped with 3 3 removable adjusting weights.

    • Medium Fast action
    • Four pieces
    • Full grain cork handle 4A + rubber/ cork edges
    • Nano resin
    • Multidirectional 46ton carbon
    • Blank carbon matt brown
    • Machined aluminum reel seat / braided carbon
    • Removable balancing weights (9.3g / ring).
    • Micro fuji starter guide then chromium ionized single foot
    • Cordura case orange compartmentalized

    Technical Info

    JMC Performer

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