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Brookie Fly Fishing Reel by Galvan
  • Brookie Fly Fishing Reel by Galvan

Brookie Fly Fishing Reel by Galvan


Proving that cutting-edge design doesn't have to be complicated, Galvan's ultra-light Brookie series is a completely new type of fly fishing reel.

Galvan Fly Fishing Reel

Brookie Fly Fishing Reel by Galvan

Brookie Fly



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Fly Fishing Reel Galvan Brookie

Galvan’s new Click-Ball Tension System, a foolproof departure from traditional click and pawl reels. Delivering customizable spool tension with minimal moving parts, the Brookie’s Click-Ball System strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and versatility. Achieving your desired level of resistance is as simple as a few turns of an Allen wrench, leaving you to enjoy impeccable line retrieve without worrying about adjusting your drag. This feature makes the exceptionally smooth Brookie ideal for palming and the perfect tool for trout anglers who value the subtle play that’s crucial to fishing with light tackle on technical water. The Click-Ball System simplifies the concept of drag so there is virtually no interference between you and the fish.

On the exterior, the Galvan Brookie Fly Reel features distinct porting and a weatherproof finish. Aside from giving it a unique style, this precision machining process eliminates virtually all excess weight from the fly reel making it one of the lightest fully machined American-made reels available. This reduced weight, combined with the superior dependability of 6061 bar stock aluminum, provides a reel that is as bulletproof as it is light. From the raw materials and the machining to the innovative spool tension system, every element of the Brookie fly reel is built to ensure a lifetime of use and performance that won’t be compromised by long days on the water.

Available in four models for 0-to 5-weight lines, the Galvan Brookie Fly Reel is an achievement in light tackle and the ideal complement to today’s ultra-lightweight fly rods. More traditional anglers will appreciate its straightforward design and sure reliability, while new-school anglers will love the look and feel of the reel. Both will appreciate the seamless line retrieve. Regardless of what draws you to the reel, Galvan’s Brookie Series is certain to change the future of the lightweight fly reel.


All Galvan Fly Reels and Spools are impeccably machined from T6 solid bar stock, aircraft grade aluminum. T6 is a class of 6061 aluminum that is tempered to significantly increase its strength.

EZ Grab

Like every part of our reels, handle design is important to us. Through our years of research and development we know that handles with a concave or outward taper perform the best. All five of our contoured Delrin® handles are large and easy to grab and crank on. One does not need to look down to locate them; the hand is intuitively drawn to them.

Galvan Tension System

In 2013, Galvan Fly Reels introduced the ultra-lightweight Brookie reel and with it our proprietary version of the traditional click and pawl drag – the revolutionary new Galvan Tension System. The adjustable spool tension is made possible by Galvan’s new tension plunger which is backed by a silicone spring and adjustable set screw in place of the more common spring tension system found in traditional click and pawl reels. This set-and-forget element of the Galvan Tension System allows the angler to add a personal touch of customization to a click drag reel.

With a total of eight pieces in the frame and 13 pieces in the spool, including screws and springs, Galvan is bringing a new meaning to the words “elegant simplicity”. The spool tension comes preset to prevent spool overrun but is slightly adjustable with an included Allen wrench to fine-tune the tension to your personal liking. The tension plunger is constructed of Ertalyte TX®, which is the same proven material that we use in our Torque drag system.


L.A.D. stands for Large Arbor Design. The first fly reels were manufactured with small arbor spools and therefore some old-school fly fishermen have an affinity for them. We make up for that small arbor mentality with traditional look and feel.

For us the retrieval rate of the large arbor reel is crucial to removing slack line between the angler and a running fish. For that reason all of our reels incorporate a true large arbor design. With its proven advantage of maximum line retrieval, for us there is only one choice.

Maximum Porting

By porting all of our reels to the maximum strength-to-weight ratio, they strike a precise balance between feather-light weight and tough-as-nails durability. With intelligent CAD blueprinting and innovative machining, we cut away every gram of excess weight while leaving enough skeleton for maximum strength and durability. In the new era of technology, heavy does not always translate into strong and at Galvan we cut away the excess to reveal what a reel should be – light, responsive and tough.


Our contoured, machined counter-balance weights add a nice accent to the reel’s design and blend aesthetically with its symmetry. Functionally the weight of the counter-balance is perfectly measured to precisely match the weight of the handle for smooth spool retrieval and wobble-free rotation.

All of our reels and spools are Type T2 anodized and incorporate minimal material points of contact making them corrosion resistant and saltwater safe. As a result, the aluminum oxide layer provides Galvan reels with supreme wear and corrosion protection. Additionally, by limiting the metal materials in contact with each other we make it more difficult to wear away this anodizing, limiting electrolysis and corrosion.

In addition to the Type 2 anodizing process and minimal points of contact, the thermoplastics we use in the drag disc and spool bushing continue to protect from weather and wear. The anodization is flawless and the reels come in several vibrant colors at no extra cost.

Brookie Fly Fishing Reel by Galvan

  • 6061
  • EZ Grip
  • Galvan Tension System
  • L.A.D.
  • Maximum Porting
  • TruBalance

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