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With the sport of Spanish Style Nymphing becoming more popular; the demand for a high performance, high quality, flyfishing reel has been met by New G.E.N. Galvan Fly Reel.

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About Galvan Euro Nymph Fly Reel

The key feature of this reel are it’s extreme large arbor and closed frame design. The extreme large arbor design, for those not familiar with the sport, accommodates the much smaller in diameter Euro Nymph lines. The closed frame design creates a no slip through gap between the spool and frame also accommodating to the slimmer line profile of the sport. An added feature of the closed frame is that it also fits the Torque and Rush spools. A 3 pawl drag engagement is also incorporated to provide ultimate drag strength and rotation.

Included Galvan Euro Nymph Fly Reel Technologies:


All Galvan Fly Reels and Spools are impeccably machined from T6 solid bar stock, aircraft grade aluminum. T6 is a class of 6061 aluminum that is tempered to significantly increase its strength.

EZ Grip

Like every part of our reels, handle design is important to us. Through our years of research and development we know that handles with a concave or outward taper perform the best. All five of our contoured Delrin® handles are large and easy to grab and crank on. One does not need to look down to locate them; the hand is intuitively drawn to them.


L.A.D. stands for Large Arbor Design. The first fly reels were manufactured with small arbor spools and therefore some old-school fly fishermen have an affinity for them. We make up for that small arbor mentality with traditional look and feel.

For us the retrieval rate of the large arbor reel is crucial to removing slack line between the angler and a running fish. For that reason all of our reels incorporate a true large arbor design. With its proven advantage of maximum line retrieval, for us there is only one choice.

Low – COF

There are many reasons a leader or tippet can break. A jerky drag should not be one of them. Galvan Fly Reels feel smooth both when a fish is taking line as well as when line is retrieved. This is a result of the reel having a very low startup inertia, which is low coefficient friction or the “transition from nothing to something, or no fish to fish on”.

With Galvan reels that transition is non-hesitant and smooth regardless of the drag setting. Low inertia on startup is intended to save light tippets, relative to the size of the outfit you are using and the size fish you are hunting. A lower startup inertia could possibly mean higher hook set and percentages of fish landed. This startup inertia on a Galvan reels is imperceptibly smooth because if your drag engages too suddenly and hesitates just a fraction on the fish’s first run, you can end up with a snapped tippet.

Maximum Porting

By porting all of our reels to the maximum strength-to-weight ratio, they strike a precise balance between feather-light weight and tough-as-nails durability. With intelligent CAD blueprinting and innovative machining, we cut away every gram of excess weight while leaving enough skeleton for maximum strength and durability. In the new era of technology, heavy does not always translate into strong and at Galvan we cut away the excess to reveal what a reel should be – light, responsive and tough.


Galvan MicroTune drag adjustment enables quick, precise adjustments to your drag when playing a hot fish. A large and easy-to-grip drag knob can prove essential in trying to manage drag resistance during a fight. Our large drag knobs are regarded as the top of their class, not just for their size and comfort but also for providing the most precise, super-fine drag adjustment on the market.

The MicroTune adjustment system has a single ball bearing which hits small divots machined into the reel’s frame, holding the desired drag setting securely in position. The pleasantly noticeable divots allow the finest incremental tuning when setting your drag and reduce the likelihood of accidental adjustment while fighting a fish.


The Galvan push button spool release mechanism is intuitively simplistic and elegantly efficient. Spool removal is literally a snap. With a slight press of the button the spool pops off the frame and with a slight click a new spool is ready in place. No tools are necessary to remove the spool from the reel frame and there are no parts to lose during the process. Whether switching from a 3wt to a 4wt on the river, or from floating to sinking line on the lake, swapping out Galvan spools is simplicity itself.

Torque Drag System

The Torque drag system is the backbone of the Galvan line of reels and widely recognized for its smooth reliable action and subdued, unobtrusive single pawl click. It has an audible click as line is both pulled from, and retrieved by, our reels, indicating to the angler possible subtle adjustments that need to be made on the go. Although based on the compression disc drags of our original reels, the new smooth and reliable, state-of-the-art thermoplastic and carbon fiber disc drag requires minimal lubrication and virtually no maintenance.

There are no ball bearings. Instead, a maintenance free, self-lubricating, HPV (high pressure velocity), hi-tech plastic bushing allows the spool near-frictionless rotation. Humidity will not affect its performance, nor will rain, salt spray or dunking while wading.

From 2021 is a 3 pawl drag engagement that provides ultimate drag strength and rotation. As the size of the reel increases, so the size of the drag surface increases. The Torque drag system by Galvan is arguably the best drag system available today.


Our contoured, machined counter-balance weights add a nice accent to the reel’s design and blend aesthetically with its symmetry. Functionally the weight of the counter-balance is perfectly measured to precisely match the weight of the handle for smooth spool retrieval and wobble-free rotation.

All of our reels and spools are Type T2 anodized and incorporate minimal material points of contact making them corrosion resistant and saltwater safe. As a result, the aluminum oxide layer provides Galvan reels with supreme wear and corrosion protection. Additionally, by limiting the metal materials in contact with each other we make it more difficult to wear away this anodizing, limiting electrolysis and corrosion.

In addition to the Type 2 anodizing process and minimal points of contact, the thermoplastics we use in the drag disc and spool bushing continue to protect from weather and wear. The anodization is flawless and the reels come in several vibrant colors at no extra cost.


As Boni Galvan began to incorporate new technology into his reels, the transition, from a clutch, in the earlier versions of our reels, to a pawl in current models, vastly improved drag engagement. This transition also made switching from left to right hand retrieve more efficient than it has ever been before and is Galvan’s take on the reversible retrieve system.

Our reels use fewer, much stronger parts to simplify the process and enable changing the direction of line retrieve without the use of any tools. It’s as easy as inverting the pawl, which is held in place by a stainless steel retention ring.

  • Available in two sizes:
    • 3,5 inch diameter. 141 grams
    • 3,7 inch diameter. 153 grams
  • Colour:
    • Gun metal grey
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