Clearwater Switch Rods Series by Orvis
    • Clearwater Switch Rods Series by Orvis
    • Clearwater Switch Rods Series by Orvis

    Clearwater Switch Rods Series by Orvis


    The lightness and power of the new Orvis Clearwater Switch fly rods allow the practice of both Spey and Overhead casting techniques during long fishing days.

    Orvis Fly Fishing

    Clearwater Switch Rods Series by Orvis




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    About Clearwater Switch Rods Series by Orvis

    Considered a curiosity at the time, the Switch rods are now a basic element for all manufacturers of Spey rods.

    Clearwater® 7-Weight 11' Fly Rod

    Anglers who crave casting versatility swear by the adaptable Clearwater 7-Weight 11' Fly Rod.

    Whether you like swinging flies for smaller steelhead in small tributaries of the Great Lakes using indicator setups, or using an overhead casting technique to reach out to stripers on a beach, the versatile Clearwater 7-Weight 11' Fly Rod gives you the option to switch and cast either way.

    Swing small patterns in an estuarial tidal current and then switch over to an overhead out on the beach. The option to use a conventional cast or a two-hand cast makes the Clearwater 117-4 an excellent way to add multiple technique options to your fishing with very little investment.

    This rod will be perfectly balanced with

    Clearwater® 8-Weight 11' Fly Rod

    You've perfected reading the water, and the Clearwater 8-Weight 11' Fly Rod adapts to suit it.

    If you're looking for versatility and the ability to adapt to different techniques in different situations, the Clearwater 8-Weight 11' Fly Rod is not only a great investment, but a remarkably small investment for all it offers.

    Whether you like to use two-handed methods to swing indicator rigs, or big streamers in rivers and tidal currents, or use an overhead cast across big water, the Clearwater 118-4 is a terrific option from steelhead and salmon to medium-to-light saltwater.

    With this versatile rod, you can adapt to what the fish and the water present, be more efficient, and best of all, spend very little doing it.

    This rod will be perfectly balanced with

    Orvis Clearwater Switch Rods Series Techchnical info

    • Blanks are black chrome with white accents
    • Quick rod identifier on the blank
    • Chrome snake and stripping guide with a ceramic insert
    • Full black nickel aluminum reel seats
    • Rods with fighting butts have composite tips for durability
    • Two-handed rods have composite on the tip of the foregrip
    • Comes with gray rod tube
    • 25-Year Orvis Guarantee
    • Designed in Vermont
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