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Kamasan Fly Hooks

Kamasan Fly Hooks offer a series of Chemically Sharpened Needle Point High Carbon Hooks.

Each pattern has been specifically designed for the Fly-fishing market.

This exceptional point in combination with a small superbly proportioned bard all adds up to The Next Step Forward in Fishing Technology.

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Kamasan fly Hooks B160 Sproat

The Kamasan B160 Sproat, are superb fly tying hooks. The Kamasan B160 is, bronze, heavy wire, forged 3x short shank. They have a wide gape and are suitable as buzzer, spider & nymph fly hooks.Good general purpose hook. Great for small nymphs.

25 Units, 16
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Kamasan Fly Hooks B800 Round Bend Lure

The classic tried and tested hook for tying all sorts of lures, large nymphs, mayflies and other flies requiring a lightweight yet sturdy extra longshank hook (4x long). Chemically Sharpened, Needle Point, High Carbon Fly Hooks.

25 Units, 6
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