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Líneas Pesca a Mosca Airflo

Airflo manufactures all its lines without PVC. With use, PVC lines release harmful plasticizers (phthalates) into the water. Using Polyurethane instead of PVC means that the lines are environmentally friendly.

Thanks to a completely new material formulation, each and every Airflo line slides through the extrusion system with less resistance than ever before. This allows for seamless, fluid diameter transitions and the ability to manufacture some of the thinnest and lightest lines on the market.

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Líneas Pesca a Mosca Airflo
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Rage Compact Float Shooting Head by Airflo

Airflo Rage Compact is a hybrid shooting head that bridges the gap between the Skagit and Scandi heads. Its thick tip and aggressive taper make any conceivable leader and fly combination fly.

210 grain
240 grain
270 grain
300 grain
330 grain
360 grain
390 grain
420 grain
450 grain
480 grain
510 grain
540 grain
570 grain / 37 g.
600 grain
660 grain
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Flo Tip By Airflo

Airflo's FLO TIP is a hybrid range of sinking TIPS. combining a middle section and a tungsten heavy sinking TIP for smoother casts.

10', T7 (17 cm/sg)
10', T18 (25 cm/sg)
10', T14 (23 cm/sg)
10', T10 (20 cm/sg)
12', T7 (17 cm/sg)
12', T18 (25 cm/sg)
12', T14 (23 cm/sg)
12', T10 (20 cm/sg)
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For the more experienced casters we have developed the Airflo Superflo 40 Plus Expert fly fishing line, increasing the head length from 35' to 45', without increasing weight.

WF7, S5
WF7, S3
WF7, Floating
WF7, Fast Int
WF7, Slow Int
WF7, S7 7 ips
WF8, Fast Int
WF8, Slow Int
WF8, S7 7 ips
WF8, S5
WF8, S3
WF8, Floating
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Airflo Ridge 2.0 Running Line

Incorporating Airflo's Ridge 2.0 technology significantly improves line speed and shootability on our new range of Running Lines, while reducing the tangles associated with any low diameter running line.

20 Lb - 9 Kg - 27 mt
30 Lb - 13,5 Kg - 27 mt
50 Lb - 22,68 Kg - 27 mt
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AIRFLO IMPACT Mono Running Line

AIRFLO IMPACT Mono Running Line is designed specifically for use with casting heads. It is an oval-shaped monofilament perfect for single or double-handed spey.

25 Lb - 11,3 Kg - 37 mt
35 Lb - 15,9 Kg - 37 mt
45 Lb - 19,1 Kg - 37 mt
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WF5, S3
WF5, Intermediate Head
WF6, S3
WF6, Intermediate Head
WF7, Intermediate Head
WF7, S3
WF8, Intermediate Head
WF8, S3
WF9, S3
WF9, Intermediate Head
WF3F, Floating
WF4F, Floating
WF5F, Floating
WF6F, Floating
WF7F, Floating
WF8F, Floating
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Superflo Universal Taper Fly Line

The Airflo Superflo Universal Taper Line is designed to perform in any scenario a trout angler might encounter. Who says the proverbial jack of all trades is always a master of none? This line does it all - and beautifully so, at that.

Chartreuse/White, WF5
Chartreuse/White, WF8
Chartreuse/White, WF7
Chartreuse/White, WF6
Lichen/Driftwood, WF5
Lichen/Driftwood, WF4
Lichen/Driftwood, WF8
Lichen/Driftwood, WF3
Lichen/Driftwood, WF7
Lichen/Driftwood, WF6
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF3
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF4
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF8
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF7
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF6
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF5
Moss Olive/Chartreuse, WF9
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