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Taylor Fly Fishing Rods

When fishing with a taylor fly rod, you can be confident you are fishing the best. We have a simple vision: to provide top quality fly fishing products designed with the angler in mind.

Taylor Elite Nano Materials

Our newest collection of rods feature our proprietary blends of super high modulus carbon fiber and nano resins to create fly rods that aren't just lightweight but also extremely strong. High modulus carbon fiber on its own is lightweight but weak, brittle, and prone to breakage. With our new Elite resin system we keep the desirable lightweight qualities of high modulus carbons while dramatically improving overall strength and performance.

Titanium recoil guides

Our newest collection of rods also feature titanium recoil guides. These guides are lighter, stronger, and virtually unbreakable. Most companies use steel chrome guides to save money even on their top of the line models. At Taylor, we have chosen to use the best guides, because we have a goal to design the best rods money can buy.

* Technology uses vary according to model. Please see product descriptions for exact technological uses for each particular product.

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Taylor Fly Fishing Rods
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Taylor Phenom MII Fly Fishing Rod

The Taylor Phenom MII Fly Rod, with its progressive curve and smooth tip, uses the new X-Tempo design concept, which achieves medium-fast actions with great feel and quick response.

8'6" # 4 (4 Pieces)
9' # 5 (4 Pieces)
9' # 6 (4 Pieces)
9' # 8 (4 Piezes)
9' # 10 (4 Piezes)
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Taylor Truth Z Fly Fishing Rod

Taylor Fishing has held nothing back in the design, construction and materials of the Truth Z fly rod, it is accurate near and far, generates high line speeds and is incredibly light in the hand Welcome to the future of speed!

9' # 4 (4 Pieces)
9' # 5 (4 Pieces)
9' # 7 (4 Pieces)
9' # 9 (4 Piezes)
9' # 11 (4 Piezes)
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