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Taylor Fly Fishing Reels.

Taylor Fly Fishing Reels.

When you fish a Taylor reel, you can be confident you are fishing the best.

Cold forged & bar stock aluminum

  • For years, high aerospace-quality 6061 bar stock aluminum has been the standard for top of the line reels. The team at Taylor is using new technology to "cold forge" our bar stock. This creates a final reel that is stronger, harder, more scratch resistant, and with a deeper level of color saturation in our anodization.

Carbon fiber mixed mediums:

  • Aluminum reels have been around for many years but technology is rapidly growing in the regions of nano materials and lightweight composites. The team at Taylor has taken the first step in utilizing these technologies by using carbon fiber and nano-resins in the construction of our fly reels. Keep an eye out as we continue to push the industry forward with our use of advanced materials
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Taylor Fly Fishing Reels.
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Taylor Revenge Fly Reels

The latest from Taylor Fly Fishing, the Revenge fly reel. Integral frame for fishing with Scandi or Skagit casting heads, for Euro Nymphing or tropical saltwater.

Golden Olive, 10 plus
Golden Olive, 79
Golden Olive, # 46
Offshore Blue, 79
Offshore Blue, 10 plus
Offshore Blue, # 46
Sunset Orange, # 46
Sunset Orange, 10 plus
Sunset Orange, 79
Slate Grey, # 46
Slate Grey, 79
Slate Grey, 10 plus
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Golden Olive, 46
Golden Olive, # 7/9
Golden Olive, # 10/11
Offshore Blue, # 10/11
Offshore Blue, 46
Offshore Blue, # 7/9
Ruby Red, # 7/9
Ruby Red, # 10/11
Ruby Red, 46
Slate Grey, 46
Slate Grey, # 7/9
Slate Grey, # 10/11
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Taylor Revolt Fly Fishing Reel

While the Revolt Fly Fishing Reel isn’t our most expensive reel, it has everything you could dream of in a perfect fly fishing machine

Black, 46
Black, # 7/9
Black, 1012
Blue, 46
Blue, # 7/9
Blue, 1012
Champagne, 46
Champagne, # 7/9
Champagne, 1012
Violet, 1012
Violet, 46
Violet, # 7/9
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Taylor Elemnt Fly Fishing Reels

Designed to battle fish as well as the elements, the Taylor Elemnt Fly Fishing Reel was created to offer anglers a premium quality fly fishing reel at an affordable price point.

Black, # 7/9 Spool
Black, # 7/9
Black, 46
Black, 46 Spool
Black, 24 Spool
Black, 24
Ice Blue, # 7/9
Ice Blue, 46
Ice Blue, 24
Lemon Lime, # 7/9
Lemon Lime, 46
Lemon Lime, 24
Ruby Red, 46
Ruby Red, 24
Ruby Red, # 7/9
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