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Beulah Fly Fishing Rods

Everyone in the fly fishing world is impressed with the beautiful Beulah Fly Fishing Rods, an Oregon-based company known primarily for its Switch and Spey rods.

In fact, Beulah was the first rod manufacturer to introduce Switch rods (shorter and lighter than Spey rods) in 2005.

Now Switch fly rods, considered a rarity at the time, are a staple for all Spey rod makers. Beulah also manufactures classic single-handed rods using the most advanced graphite-to-graphene technologies, employing the best resins and extremely high raw rolling pressure for great blank consistency and one of the lightest rods on the market.

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Beulah Fly Fishing Rods
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Beulah Guide Series II Fly Rods

Each Beulah Guide Series II Fly Rod is designed individually to match the blanks size, power and action with technique and environment and fish. From the smallest stream born brook trout to sea run steelhead, there is a high performance rod in the Guide series II.

7'6" # 3 (4 Pieces)
9' # 4 (4 Pieces)
9' # 5 (4 Pieces)
9' # 6 (4 Pieces)
10' # 7 (4 Pieces)
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Beulah G2 Platinum spey Fly Rods

The next step in the evolution of fly rod technology is the G2 Platinum Series fly rods. Constructed using Graphene*, and the most advanced carbon composite engineering available.

12'8" # 6 (4 Pieces)
12'8" # 7 (4 Pieces)
13'2" # 7 (4 Pieces)
13'8" # 8/9 (6 Pieces)
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Beulah Opal Saltwater Fly Rods

The Beulah Opal Fly Rod, the next step in performance, strength, and sensitivity. Advances in graphite technology have allowed us to create lighter, smoother and more durable fly rods.

9' # 8 (4 Piezes)
9' # 9 (4 Piezes)
9' # 10 (4 Piezes)
9' # 11 (4 Piezes)
9' # 12 (4 Piezes)
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