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Perdigon Nimphs Fly Fishing

The competition perdigones that we are presenting in this section are nymphs very effective for trout and sea trout fishing. They are one of most effective type of nymphs!

All of our Perdigon Nymphs are made with a double resin UV Bug Bond layer (that makes the nymphs more crystalline), and with tungsten balls and non death fish hooks.

One of the success keys of this type of nymphs for fly fishing is their small size and bigger weight compared to the traditional nymphs; Thanks to this quality they go deep faster reaching the fishing spot quickly.
They are very attractive nymphs that trick more suspicious fish who are unwillling to take other kind of nymps.
Fishing with Perdigon is carried out with care, so it is essential to provide the article with some fluorescent color thread in the making process, that will help to control the perdigon drift. This drift has to be the most natural possible, while approaching the bottom of the river in order to get a very successfull fishing catch.
In my opinion, no fisher should go out on a fishing day without his Perdigon Nymphs. This kind of delicate nymph was created by spanish competitors. All fly fishers should be carrying 15 or 20 in his fly box, I will explain why!:
The nymphs were created by fishers that are use to very difficult rivers or rivers with high pressure. Those imitations are good for fast and very fast rivers and for make them sink quickly.
The nymphes are small bacause the fish are not very strict with eating small insects. Those flies are made for been simple and effective. In the last years I am not going on my fishing day without carrying some in my fly box, several times I had great success at places where the regular nymphs are unnoticed.
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Falangista Perdigon Nymph

The Falangista Perdigon Nymph is a classic in the fly box of many anglers. With this Perdigon Nymph we can fish all year long, but we will get the best results at the beginning of the season. A nymph tested by many anglers and that brings numerous catches.

2,5 mm. Tungsten Slotted Bead
3 mm. Tungsten Slotted Bead
3,5 mm. Tungsten Slotted Bead
4 mm. Tungsten Slotted Bead
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