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Fly Fishing Rods.

Our range offers everything from double-handed rods for salmon fishing to single–handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing.

We stock rods for every budget and skill level from beginner to expert. There's also a range of ‘ready to go’ rod, reel and line kits offerin.

Fly Fishing Rods.

Our range offers everything from double-handed rods for salmon fishing to single–handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing.

We stock rods for every budget and skill level from beginner to expert. There's also a range of ‘ready to go’ rod, reel and line kits offerin.


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  • Orvis Fly Fishing Rods

    Orvis offers the highest quality fly rods in the industry.

    By combining cutting-edge technology, precision and more than 150 years of rod building experience, our line of fly rods is the best on the market.

    Explore our selection of fly rods and find exactly what you are looking for before your next fly-fishing adventure.

    Our assortment of fly rods has everything for saltwater, freshwater, spey casting, small creeks and warm water applications. Orvis continues to take great pride in outfitting fly-fishing anglers around the globe, for well over a century.

    Our fly rod selection offers rods for any application. Our goal remains the same as it was in the beginning, providing a superior selection of quality fly rods at a reasonable price for the discerning angler.

  • Maxia Fly Rods

    Maxia Fly Fishing Rods

    Founded in year 2000, created by and for fishermen, our company has acquired recently the Technology and equipment developed over decades by the Italian master Aldo Silva in his business Modern Flies.

    From our headquarters in Asturias and with the International Casting Master Instructor Alejandro Viñuales at the head of our design and production team, our young company aims at achieving new levels never before reached in the technological development of high performance fly fishing rods.

    Starting from the knowlege gained by Aldo Silva over years of experience we have developed new techniques and processes and improved existing ones. The result is a new series of rods of exceptional quality.

    Over the years MAXIA RODS has become a synonym for high performance. Innovative materials, concepts and designs rank our rods among the elite. Your MAXIA is more than a fly rod.

    Every MAXIA is unique: designed and built entirely in Europe using a process closer to craftsmanship than manufacturing chain. Each and every rod we make has its personality.

    Everyone on our team, from the General Manager to the rod builders,is a fly fisherman. We know what you need and we do our best to deliver it to you because our work is our passion.

  • Guideline Fly Rods

    The trademark Guideline embost on the blank of a fly rod is synonymous with quality.

    Guideline Fly Rods

    Our popular fly fishing rods continue to prove themselves as one of the best-selling brands in Europe. We work very hard with our product development and we are constantly involved in new projects ready to be launched sometime in the near or more distant future.

    A new look, new components and small tweaks to actions and lengths give these rods their own identity and temper. Moving into FRS (Fortified Resin System) with our USA manufactured Reaction series is the second big development.

  • Fly fishing Kits by...

    Kispiox Fly Fishing kits by Guideline - A perfect start!

    Guideline Fly Fishing

    Our KISPIOX and EPIK kits will give you the perfect start.

    They are carefully put together, assembled with backing, line and leaders and a good choice for those of you who want a top-quality outfit at a great price. The KISPIOX kits have received great feedback and have been popular outfits for all styles of trout fishing for several years.

    But there’s more than just Trout kits in the range; The Matt Hayes endorsed “EPIK 9’ #9 PIKE Kit, complete with pike flies and pike leader, the KISPIOX 13’7 #9/10 Scandi Kit with a Connect Scandi Multi Tip Shooting Head with interchangeable tips, looped to a Flat Polyethylene Shooting Line.

    All these make good starting options for anglers of all kinds.

    All kits are assembled and ready to fish.

    New Kispiox Swirch Kit 2016.

  • Vision Fly Rods

    Check out their rods on the ensuing pages and view their great functional design and capabilities.

    We supply the complete range of Vision Fly Fishing Rods, from easy action dry fly rods for small streams to mid-tip and fast action rods for use on larger rivers and stillwaters.

    We also have Vision's range of switch rods, pike fly rods, double handed spey and saltwater fly rods. We rate Vision rods for their high quality and performance and their very competitive prices.

    Vision Fly Fishing Rods
  • Marryat Fly Rods

    Marryat is the rod for you.

    Marryat Fly Rods

    Marryat's mission is to build the finest casting, fish-fighting tools in the world, to develop tackle that performs today, tomorrow and into the future - nothing less.

    Marryat fly rods are impressive products.

    They are beautifully constructed with the best materials around and the most modern technologies.

    Marryat has managed to carve out a solid place in the fly fishing world by combining traditional values with innovative tackle. Year after year, Marryat works to build the finest casting, fish fighting tools in the world. They also strive to use the finest materials around so that the rods can be used today, tomorrow and well into the future.

    With these simple goals in mind, Marryat Fly Fishing manages to make fishing equipment that changes a good fishing experience into a great one.

  • Thomas and Thomas Rods

    Thomas & Thomas Fly Fishing Rods:

    Thomas & Thomas rods are built by a select group of skilled rodbuilding artisans, in our Greenfield MA factory.

    From the raw material preparation to the final layer of varnish — each step in the process is performed by a specialist with years of experience.
    We are proud to say that every aspect of the production process for every fly rod we sell occurs in-house.

    Premium Graphite Options:

    Thomas & Thomas knows the finished fly rod is only as good as the materials that go into it, and that the stiffest graphite isn’t always the right choice for a given rod or purpose.
    Thomas & Thomas builds fly rods from a range of premium quality graphite with different strain rates and recovery speeds, providing the necessary elements for Tom Dorsey and our design team to create the most effective modern tapers and actions while maintaining the distinct Thomas & Thomas feel.

    Proprietary Bonding Agents:

    The performance of graphite fibers is subject to the quality of the bonding agent that holds them together.

    Bonding technology has been improving rapidly in recent years, and T&T has been working with industry leaders to develop a proprietary resin that improves the performance of our graphite materials.

    Our new resin employs nano-scale particles to eliminate microscopic voids in the graphite.
    Filling these tiny gaps with our high-performance resin improves the strength, durability, and dampening characteristics of the rod blank while reducing overall weight.

    Ferrule Reinforcement Process / FRP:

    On a multi-piece graphite fly rod, the areas immediately above each ferrule connection are the critical stress points at maximum load – that means these areas are subject to potential failure. Thomas & Thomas resolves this problem with our Ferrule Reinforcement Process – a strategic extra layer of high strength graphite we hand-roll over each ferrule section.

    In addition to reinforcing the ferrule strength and durability, FRP adds a distinct visual detail only available on Thomas & Thomas fly rods.

    Optimal Blank Curing / OBC:

    The latest nano particle resins used in graphite rod blanks requires a meticulous curing process to unlock their unique performance qualities.

    Thomas & Thomas knows that subtle changes to the curing process with these resins can make a big difference in performance, so we take the curing process for our rod blanks very seriously.

    With our industry leading heat application method and precise temperature control, we meticulously regulate the process to ensure Optimal Blank Curing. OBC helps us achieve the highest level of performance with our premium graphite and bonding agents while maintaining product consistency and stringent quality control.

    Low Friction Finish / LFF:

    When you pick up a Thomas & Thomas rod you will notice a something special about the way the blank feels to the touch.

    Our Low Friction Finish uses nano-technology to create a slick surface that repels water and defeats the surface tension that exerts drag on a fly line during the cast.

    The LFF gives Thomas & Thomas rods a performance advantage that you can feel, and is a key element in building rods that cast and shoot line effortlessly.

  • Castor Fly Rods

    Castor fly rods, by and for the competition.

    New model of reeds for competition, remarkably lightweight and optimized for the competition.