• Caña de mosca Maxia Aqua

    Maxia Aqua Fly Fishing Rod

    Following the last trends, we designed our Aqua series especially for the European nymph style and dry fly.

  • Orvis Fly Rods
  • Fario LW Fly Reel by Guideline

    Fario LW  Fly Reel by Guideline

    Every detail has been developed with that one thing in mind; to create a perfect, lightweight,  and dependable reel for serious anglers.

  • Laxa Wading Boots by Guideline

    Laxa Wading Boots


    Light and comfortable wading boots.

    Durable and fast drying.

    The lower part of the boot is reinforced with rubber.

    Laxa wading boots its available in feltsole and rubber sole with studs.

  • Orvis Recon Fly Rod
  • Platinium Fly Fishing Rods by Beulah

    Beulah Platinium Fly Rods

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    1 018,80 € Available - Delivery 10 days. Pending confirmation.

    The ultimate open water trout rod that offers pin-point accuracy in tight windows, a fine touch, and a responsiveness you can feel up to your elbow. No cast ever thrown is identical to any other cast ever thrown. The variables of caster, rod, and conditions are too great. Helios 3F was designed to significantly reduce the variables at the point of...

    1 018,80 €
    Available - Delivery 10 days. Pending confirmation.
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    2,95 € In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    Eumer Rabbit hide tanned strips. The hides are Grade A, and the quality is by far the best available. They are ideal for streamers of pick, bass, trout and saltwater. This  hair gives our flies a great mobility in the water, making them highly effective. 3mm wide.

    2,95 €
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days
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    4,99 € In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    Piece of selected hair goat and the highest quality, very long and silky, for flies that need an extreme urability. Especially suitable for salmon, saltwater flies and Pike. This hair is widely used for tube, like the Scandinavian Sunray Shadow flies and other similar.

    4,99 €
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days
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    16,16 € 17,95 € -10% In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    Starling Complete Skin with tail and wings. The hackles from the starling are used on black gnats and midges.

    16,16 € 17,95 € -10%
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days
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    1,15 € In Stock

    Caddis are very common flies in all rivers, with which we can fish virtually year-round. We will simply have to match the color of our imitation to the hatching of the moment.

    1,15 €
    In Stock
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    249,00 € Available - Expedition 7-10 days

    Lightweight and with good breathability, Havu waders now have a sturdy, Heavy option. These Heavy Havu waders have a thick and heavy 5 layer fabric on the inside and bottom area to give you the ultimate wear resistance with the same efficient breathing and lightweight 4 layer fabric elsewhere. Other features are the same as on the Havu waders. Matching...

    249,00 €
    Available - Expedition 7-10 days
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    9,50 € In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    A very nice and very good tube double.Short Shank. Extra Strong. Straight Eye. Black Nickel.

    9,50 €
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days
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    159,99 € Available - Delivery 20-30 days

    Guideline EXP4 Series is packed with high performance and is a great buy for any beginner or intermediate fly fisher looking for fastaction; lightweight rods that will help make fishing fun. There are 12 different models of rods in the EXP4 series, ranging from 3 to 10-weights, covering the most common fishing scenarios. These rods load easily and, if...

    159,99 €
    Available - Delivery 20-30 days
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    314,99 € In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    Our Laxa waders have the most important features, while still offering best possible value for the money. Manufactured from a strong, 4-layer Nylon fabric with a 20 000mm water resistant and 5000g/m2/24hrs moisture transporting membrane. An environmentally friendly PFOA free DWR surface treatment repels both dirt and water from the outshell. Inseams on...

    314,99 €
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days
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    157,99 € In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    Light and comfortable wading boots, made of nylon and synthetic leather. This makes them durable and fast drying. The inside of the boot is lined with neoprene and jersey in the upper area, making it comfortable to wear. A thin extra reinforcement layers inside the front and heel areas of the boot improve strength and rigidity, ensuring the boot holds...

    157,99 €
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days
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    84,99 € In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

    The Experience WF floating line offers an effective solution for fishing varying water types with the same line. This flyline will perform very well for close range work, but will excel in medium to long distance fishing.The super slick coating, a low diameter belly, together with carefully selected core stiffness has resulted in a line that generates...

    84,99 €
    In Stock - Expedition 1-2 days

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Riversfly fly fishing

Riversfly Fly Fishing

Riversfly fly fishing

Riversfly fly fishing shop

Our company specializes in fly fishing.

We do our utmost to ensure that your fishing trips and fly tying are a success, whilst making a special effort to stock fly components of the highest quality.

We are very proud of the collection of flies that we place at your disposal, ensuring that we work with the best possible materials for their creation.

In future we will introduce even more brands ensuring always that we provide the best service to our clients, which is why we would like to encourage you to visit our website every so often.

Remember that in Fly Fishing we not only aim to achieve the greatest number of fish or the greatest catch.  We also seek to challenge ourselves with the finer details such as the creation of the perfect fly, exquisite casting, savouring the moment, nature and of course having fun with friends.  In other words, it is a complete experience difficult to explain - a way of life.

We are at your disposal to offer nothing less than the best products and service to the client.  We wish you a pleasant browse through our on-line shop.