• Vision Loikka Wading Boots

    Vision Loikka Wading Boots

  • Caña de mosca Maxia Ultra Nimph

    Maxia Ultra Nimph

    Following the last trends, we designed our Ultra Nimph series especially for the European nymph style.

  • Cortlan Line Company

    For nearly a century, Cortland has been synonymous with fishing. Our lines and other fishing products have lifted the pride of anglers and wounded the pride of nearly every fish that swims — be it in saltwater or freshwater, still or moving, warm or cold.

  • Cortland Competition Nymph

    Cortland Competition Nymph

  • Scierra Fly Fishing

    Scierra's mission is to build the finest casting, fish-fighting tools in the world, to develop tackle that performs today, tomorrow and into the future - nothing less.

    Exceptional quality and value for money

  • JMC Ozone Fly Reel
  • Dubbing SLF Davy Wotton

    Original SLF dubbing created by Davy Wotton.

    Made by hand from fine fibers, valued for its transparency and brightness. Enhances the fly bodies (dry, nymphs...)

    Available in multiple colors standard range.

  • 89,00 €

    The Caribou vest has plenty of pockets, all well positioned and equipped with heavy-duty high quality zippers or Velcro. The nylon outer layer is durable and highly water-resistant. The shoulders have an extra layer made of a porous flexible material that distributes the weight perfectly.

    89,00 €
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  • The perfect way to make sure your net is always ready to go when you need it. The lanyard and ultrastrong magnet make sure that you can reach those fish easily. Two split ring coils make it convenient to attach to a vest or belt loop.

    17,00 €
    In stock
  • 5,00 €

    Highly visible dacron based.20 lb avaiable in 50 m spools. 30 lb avaiable in 200 m spools.

    5,00 €
    In stock
  • All new Vision Nite is a weight forward line for all-round use with a supple and slick self-lubricating coating. It has a compound type taper and is a two-tone line with a mango coloured head and light grey running line for high visibility. The ready-made loop makes it easy to attach the leader. The Nite line is built on a braided core and it remains...

    54,00 €
  • 11,95 €

    Forceps Gold Loop 5" Kelly Clamp forceps are an essential tool for every fly fisherman. They are great for pinching barbs and removing flies from fish.

    11,95 €
  • 4,85 €

    Leonese Cock Feathers kidney. Original Curueño Valley, producing higher quality feathers. Used in many ties. Trichoptera (Caddis), nymphs, wet flies, dry tales and an endless applications due to its excellent harshness, flexibility and shine. Premium feathers made into bundles of 12 feathers.

    4,85 €
  • 1,10 €

    Fly appropriate during the month of May. In the mountain-waters until the end of June. Fly Materials: Hooks:   Kamasan B-175 Sproat #12. Body:     Peacock herl and bright red floss. Rib:        Red Thread. Feather: Negrisco Indian Leonese Rooster.

    1,10 €
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  • 12,51 € 13,90 € -10%

    Starling Complete Skin 1st Quality. With tail and wings. The hackles from the starling are used on black gnats and midges.

    12,51 € 13,90 € -10%
    Item in Stok
  • 425,00 €

    AML (Advanced Multilayer) techniques and the use of multi-modulus fibres, allow our MAXIA MX rods to have a highly compressed, concentric structure which gives the rods exceptional power and sensitivity. The special features of these techniques are particularly suited to the manufacture of light weight rods. They are hand polished, one by one, using...

    425,00 €
  • 1,10 €

    Caddis are very common flies in all rivers, with which we can fish virtually year-round. We will simply have to match the color of our imitation to the hatching of the moment. Fly Materials: Hooks:     Kamasan Body:      Olive Floss Rib Bone thread Feather:  Pardo Corzuno Claro Coq de Leon Hackle:   Grizzly Whiting Saddle Pack

    1,10 €
    In stock
  • 2,65 €

    A fine multi-strand iridescent thread which can be used for tying complete buzzers or ribbing small nymphs and dry flies.  Fine enough to use as a tying thread.

    2,65 €
    In stock
  • 4,25 €

    Short and Fine Deer Hair, often called Coastal Deer Hair, is perfect for smaller flies and situations where you don't want the hair to flare as much. It is perfect for Comparaduns and Sparkle Duns and also wings on patterns like small Stimulators and even split wings like on a Humpy or Wulff.

    4,25 €
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  • 2,20 €
    1 Review(s)

    Turbo Translucent Chenille, the Chenille for tying the famous 'Blob' A huge seller, Turbo Translucent Chenille, 15mm Purely Translucent Strand Fibres, available in 5 Hot Colours including the most popular, Hot Orange, you will also find Turbo Black - each chenille is 2 meter in length and rolled on to a card for easy use.

    2,20 €
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  • 2,50 €

    This very popular tinsel which also known as Mylar tinsel, is available in 6 colours and 2 sizes. Coloured multi reflective tinsel. Hundreds of uses for all kinds of flies from small Buzzers to Huge Saltwater & Pike flies. Looks great set under Epoxy, try it!! 1000's of spools sold each year.

    2,50 €
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  • 3,06 € 3,60 € -15%

    Black Nickel. Barbless Hooks. 25 hooks per packet.

    3,06 € 3,60 € -15%
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • 7,00 €

    Whiting Saddle Pack are very high quality dry fly saddle hackles that have been pre-sorted and packaged into certain hook sizes. They are a great way to get premium dry fly hackle at an affordable price for the novice or the expert. Each package has enough saddle feathers to tie approximately 100 flies (depending on fly pattern, etc.).

    7,00 €
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  • 2,90 €

    Crinkly trilobal antron fibers, dyed to match mayfly and caddis emerger colors and packaged as a hank. This fly tying material has movement to add life to your emerger patterns, and a lot of sheen to catch the light so your target fish notices the fly. Perfect for tying famous Emergent Sparkle Caddis Pupa or Mathews Iris Caddis.

    2,90 €
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  • 2,10 €
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    Three vivid pearl colours in one bead give an iridescent rainbow effect. Use the fly tying beads to create an interesting thorax on nymphs. A real hitting spot for your flies.30 per pack

    2,10 €
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  • 1,30 €

    Glo-Brite fluorescent materials are the best available. The colours are colourfast, fully fluorescent and constant in shade. With such an extensive choice of colours and materials, Glo-Brite enables the advantages of fluorescents to be incorporated into many more patterns than was previously possible Reels contain 25 yards of material.

    1,30 €
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  • 1,10 €

    Caddis are very common flies in all rivers, with which we can fish virtually year-round. We will simply have to match the color of our imitation to the hatching of the moment. Fly Tying Materials: Hooks: Kamasan Body: Black Dubbing Feather:Indio Negrisco Coq de LeonHackle: Black Whiting Saddle Pack

    1,10 €
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  • 1,10 €

    Proper fly from mid-April to mid June. With buldo, its position in the rig, is always drowned. Fly Materials: Hooks:   Kamasan B-175 Sproat #12 Body:     Mauve Floss. Rib:       Wine Feather: Indio Acerado Oscuro Leonese Rooster (Dark Indian Acerado)

    1,10 €
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We are very proud of the collection of flies that we place at your disposal, ensuring that we work with the best possible materials for their creation.

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Remember that in Fly Fishing we not only aim to achieve the greatest number of fish or the greatest catch.  We also seek to challenge ourselves with the finer details such as the creation of the perfect fly, exquisite casting, savouring the moment, nature and of course having fun with friends.  In other words, it is a complete experience difficult to explain - a way of life.

We are at your disposal to offer nothing less than the best products and service to the client.  We wish you a pleasant browse through our online shop.